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Americans Try Bizarre Russian Foods For The First Time

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hot that I i'm not I well well well them doesn't smell terrible the looks weird as hell it definitely smells kinda cole slaw E all all well think fish with purple man a lot of time to be sick be ocean I miss it has a very leader like after case with you know I like their a they're trying out the russians go to States I wonder if they make their ass Rathi that well but throws normal maloney ash this is this is the color ob the DOM is on the walking dead have never had the lone hmm battlezone a diverse tastes like purchasing a Dell computer just no joy yeah it is like anything actually like it can be honest Natasha not have your phone yeah NOP only if you give me are fish governing beats the you hola felt a cold now this is tough this is so hard way thanks all work-up what flavor plow the garlic peeler hope to get there on this tastes like them into acid on my grandmother I would blend and rigor like it so much you're wrong be weld I meets Moscow a lot why I don't know if I could do hmm like the taste just by yeah taste like you know chicken pot pie laver at the text on my god is sold rose you brought a Tetris but you also brought us this so its were kinda back at their this is what you need at the Capitol The Hunger Games I of my well prop think that placing what this is really really weird I'm not getting any smell at all ride must you do this to me which is already gone horribly long haul hampered RR ballpark it still supports see it are you gonna kill me packing a min do if I had to choose between the me down there I would take like 20 third meet related items that might be the best paid I would say this is probably the best thing that we've handled today thumbs up a plus more pickled tomatoes we need more but pickled tomatoes analyzed we really do mcrae with the pickling in general and why would a pickle everything I love pickling much how much