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The Chronicles of Riddick: Assault On Dark Athena - Game Movie

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They say hope begins in the dark. But most just flail around in the blackness... Searching for their destiny. The darkness... For me... Is where I shine. When I look into the abyss, she looks back at me. Proximity alert. Cryo-sleep aborted. Embrace the darkness. Proximity alert. Cryo-sleep aborted. Light intruding now. Shining. The Aguerran System, full of desperate suckers who couldn't make it anywhere else. Where there's desperation... There's opportunity. This can't be good. It never is. Identity confirmed. Ahh, Johns - I remember you. Squad leader on Sol Lucia, I believe. A good man once, not any more... You do know, the Bay's been looking for you. And your friend? What have you done with... him? Good to go, Cap? Anything worth salvaging? Why are you bothering me? Sorry, Cap. Spinner said I should set us back on course, but I thought - Spinner's my X.O. He says - you do. And let me give you a warning, as you are new... to my crew... Eh, what's that Cap? Uhh, Cap? Don't call me "Cap". Revas... Still looking for me. But I found you first. I knew Revas was a survivor. Now, she was a hunter. We had our past differences. Salvage operation complete. Vessel docking in bay Five. Departure for shipping lane in sector Bravo-Five of Aguerra Prime imminent. All hands, prepare for Harvest Operation 4 of this cycle. Decontamination in progress, please stand by. Vanity and greed. Both have served Revas well. Only now, they'd be a downfall. Denied. Stand by for identification. An officer will be with you shortly. Oops... The monsters. They'll catch me! Now the monsters... have something to fear. I followed you. Are you hiding from the monsters too? Not hiding. Hunting. My name is Lynn. They're coming! Any sign of the little brat? Nothing. It's easier to hide from the ones with the red light on the face. Because the ones with the white light can see you with their flashlights. And they can talk too. What- What is your name? Riddick. Can you help me Riddick? I could. However, when I help people... They end up dead. But something bad will happen to my mommy! I think they'll turn her into a monster soon. ...Just like they did daddy. I heard something. I'm gonna check something out. I have to go now. There's no sign of the little kid. Alright, I'm switching off the drone. Disconnecting now. Attention all hands. Security Level raised. Service drone one-one-zero-Foxtrot at docking entrance has been terminated. Johns. Shoulda cracked the hull and watched him vomit lungs. Aww, Spinner, hon, you got a thick skull sometimes, don't you? John's a merc just like you and me. And when a merc turns into a most wanted, price shoots sky-high. Ma'am, we talkin' bounty now? Course we are. Johns busted out of Butcher Bay with the biggest prize they ever got. Riddick. So, no Drone shop for this one. Store him while I fix the arrangements. We'll transfer him by pod in no time, yeah? Got it. Now, concerning disloyal crew members... Disloyalty... Yes, it's got this pungent, sickening smell, doesn't it? What should I do with officer Doe-eyes here? Send him to 'The Dentist'. Put the Black Spot on his friend. Was hopin' you'd say that ma'am. Take 'im away. I'll look in on him when he's ripe. Spinner... Yeah? Keep your deadlights open. I think we may have a guest to welcome pretty soon. Now go take care of Johns. There's a price on my head. This time, Revas is planning to collect. Attention all hands. All service personnel on Cargo level twelve-Bravo report to workstation Charlie. Repeat. All service personnel on Cargo level twelve-Bravo report to workstation Charlie. Storage goods from vessel one-two-eight-zero inbound from bay Five. No law ever written... Is as powerful as cold steel. All hands, this is the Captain speaking. Thank you for your patience during this impromptu detour. We made a fine catch today... And a fine catch means fine bonuses for all. But now, Aguerra Prime awaits us. Now to those on watch - stay on alert. A rat may have stowed away on the Athena. Whoever catches the vermin gets a very special treat next shore leave. John or Jane, your choice. I know what I would've picked. Revas out. They know I'm here. A fearful enemy is one prone to make mistakes. Ones that can be easily exploited. See what this piece of meat's up to. Attention all hands. Hazardous cargo alert on Cargo level Five-C. Please do not open Red-taped crates without donning protective suits, or controlling a disposable drone. No, "Store Johns 'til ma'am gets here", that's what he said. Margo knows. What? Isn't Johns a merc? Used to work with him. Johns is not what you think he is. What? The guy's a morph-head, crack head, dope head... Aren't we all? Bottom line is, he's a dickhead. Heard the price shot through the roof. Maybe we should sell him ourselves. You can have twenty. I think she'd rip your nuts off if you did that... Yeah, or send me to the dentist. Worse yet: down the drone mile... Don't even fuckin' joke about that. Yeah, yeah. So, what about the Newland prisoners? Someone waiting in the pipeline? Silverman. Silverman? Ok, it'll take a while to clear up the 12B, but then she's good to go. Fuckin' tragic, she's got a hot ass. Damn it, Darby. You're starting to sound like Jaylor. Nazin out. Need a screwdriver. We don't babysit the prisoners - we process them. See the difference there? Process, Like cattle. I just thought... That Silverman chick is in bad shape, ya know? It'd just be nice for a change with some real foo- Yeah, yeah, yeah, shut up, newbie. I know your kind. Five years in space, tends to builds up in the balls, huh? You find that pretty little princess who reminds you of your mother an' the pants starts stretchin'. I know what you want! It don't work that way on the Athena. Remember what happened to Jaylor? This is serious business. The prisoners are corpses as far as you're concerned! I wasn't gonna do anything, I just... ya know? Shut up and get back to yer station, now! Intruder alert! Shit! Oh, man! Wrap it up I should hide the body. Security clearance accepted. This place reeks of sweat and desperation. Getting info from the prisoners... Not a problem. Ship protocol four niner Foxtrot in effect: All prisoners must exercise regularly. Sleep tight, Johns. What're you looking at? Your face is kind of familiar. Where do I recognize it from? You don't wanna remember me. Well, whatever man. You know what, fuck you! You just hit the downtown of Sphincter City! Yeah. I figured that out when I saw you. Wait a minute! You're Riddick! Butcher Bay. Class of... not long ago. Fuck me! Riddick, right here! Ha! I never forget a face. My name's Bonner, Kal Bonner. And it's a goddamn pleasure to meet you! Hey. Hey! I just got a brilliant idea! We could bust out of here. You an' me. We could be partners! Come on! We could do it! I only work with people I can use. Oh, man... Remember the shiv? I gave that to Mattsson. Come on! Come on, Riddick! We practically soulmates you an' I! I don't need a partner. And I never had a soul. You know how much I love you man? I'm gonna make a Riddick-shrine first thing I do when I get outta here! I'm gonna go get a tattoo of you on, like, my ass or something, man. Just say the word when the time comes so I'll know what to do... partner. Start with the run down. Hey, how the fuck you end up on the other side anyway? Well you're on a merc ship. They run it tighter than the Bay ever did, that's for sure. Or at least they used to be mercs. They turn renegade is what I heard. Tell me about the captain. You don't want me to think you're useless. That never ends well. I dunno, man. I never met her. Just heard rumors. Revas they call her. Bad-ass bitch! Like my wife... I miss those goddamn cookies of hers. Man... Tell me something useful. I dunno man, they make somethin' here. That's all I could figure out. Some kinda robots or somethin'. You don't know anything. I, I guess not. Then tell me who does. Jaylor. Jaylor, for sure. He, he, he's in the cell next to me. See he used to be a merc. Worked on this very ship. No kidding. My eyes never deceive me. And now they're looking at a Merc behind bars. What makes you think that? You're too soft to be an inmate. And you're not a merc, 'less you were recruited after they threw me in here. I'm Jaylor. And yeah... I was actually a part of this crew, until Margo fucked me over! It's a whole mess of mishaps, and you don't wanna hear that. What'dya know about the captain? Revas? Yeah, she grew up in the slums there. Skirt's got balls. She fears nothin', man. Nothin'. No wonder the old captain cracked. I saw her drag him into that cell over there. Man, she is something. Really something... So you keep the stiffs around for laughs. A decoration. We call 'em 'Ghost Drones'. Gut a man, prep and buff the body. Throw in some control circuits and then hi-jack the brain with cheap-ass AI... ...and you can use it for the menial tasks - basic droid shit. Now, here's the fun part - ghost drones can be remote-controlled. So if you meet one of those fuckers, and then there's a man behind the wheel who's got some skills... ...you up to your arms in a sea of human shit. My advice is to work out a plan to fuck this ship over. Talk to the other prisoners, maybe they know something. Hello? Speak to me, Old Man. So you're not a merc. And you're not a prisoner either. What the hell are you? I'm Hell's messenger. Name's Riddick. Max Dacher. Ex-marine officer. I was on the Newland colony transport with Silverman. She's the young lady in one of the cells here. You know I told them it was a risky journey. And I told 'em, and I told 'em that... and shit... ...crawling through the Forgotten Worlds is asking for it. That's when the predators get you, isn't it? You know, I thought I was prepared for anything. But not for this. Mercenaries. Mercenaries! Pirates prowl the dead space. Not Mercs. They're renegades most likely, I've dealt with mercenaries before. An' never have I met anyone like these assholes. Most mercs they keep it simple, within the law - they do bounty work, the odd war, but they always answer to an organization. This... This is a slave ship. I don't think they give a damn about the union leaders, or protocols, do you? Colony transports. Concentration camp volunteers. I joined the Newland with my wife to start a new life. It was tough, yeah, but you know, at least... ...she was spared from this. The colonist plague took her. It's been a couple of years now. And I dream about her every night. Every night. I need to keep the Mercs occupied. Ha! The best way is to open the cell doors. There's dozens of these floors. I dunno how deep in the ship they go - they're crammed with prisoners like me. You might need a vent tool though, to get around the ship. Talk to Silverman, she's the best engineer I've ever seen. She could fix you something special. We're done. Yeah, I know your type. Lone wolf and what not. But listen to me. When you have your vent tool... ...come back and speak to me. I could be of use to you, Riddick. We could help them, Silverman and her daughter... What about the kid? Silverman's little girl... I found her when she got lost in the attack, deep inside the engine room - cooped up like a scared cat. I'm still amazed she didn't die from radiation poisoning. That's how I got to know Silverman. It's all so hopeless... Fuck! ...No. Talk to me, before I come up with a better idea, Silverman. Please, please just tell me where my daughter is! Please! Tell me what you've done to her! I'm fuckin' tired of you motherfuckers! You motherfuckers aren't telling me anything! Just tell me what you've done to her, goddamn you... Motherfuckers! Fuck you! Listen, I'm the only chance you have. I don't care who you are. You understand?! I just wanna know... to know that my Lynn is alright. The dark protects her. Oh, thank you God. Thank you. I think I'm losin' my goddamn mind in here. I'm Ellen. I was an engineer on the Newland colony transport before... Before we got hit by these fuckin' dead space parasites. Dacher told me you're the go-to girl. Prove him right. I need access to the vents. Sure, sure... I, I can fix a vent tool for you. Get me, uh... a C-Two screwdriver and, and some tool parts, marked, uh, One-B and Thirty-Four-F That's all I need. But you know, you need to speak to someone who knows more about this ship than I do on where to find that though. Don't have all day. Talk. I saw you talkin' to that Silverman chick. That a fuck-able piece of meat, or what? I was working here when they brought her in. Front row during strip search. So... Have you worked out a plan yet, tough guy? The overrides for the cell doors. That's in the Main Decks. They got a control center there. I think you can get there through the maintenace access area. It's right next to here. Starts with a screwdriver and some basic tool parts. Yeah, I can give you a screwdriver, sure. There's a storage locker just outside this room. Got a code lock on it, though. Listen, I can give you the code. But... first, you gotta do something for me. There's a guy named Margo. Now... Margo is a shit-eating, motherfucking, son-of-a-bitch who gets a kick out of backstabbing his friends, see! I want him dead, Riddick. It's eating me up from inside. All I want is to see him suffer. Kill him for me, and then bring back his gold tooth to me, so I know you done it, see. I'll help you out if you do. You have my word on that. You'll probably find him in the Berthing area. You want a gold tooth? See a dentist. Come on! He's a waste of space anyway. Berthing. How do I get there? There's a terminal in the control room. I bet they haven't changed the system since they locked me in here. Stupid fucks. Try accessing the security access root and enter "Greystone". That should give you the override control of the crew quarters. If this isn't worth my time, I'm going to do some extraction work of my own when I get back here. Lou! Hey! Are you in here masturbating again? Yeah, Margo. To a picture of your wife. Asshole. Where's Ironlord? Probably in the shower, with a needle to his vein. Pumping enough 'roids to take down a mech with his pinky. Top dog in the ring. He pretty much has to. You're so full of shit man. Ellie always says that. Move. Move. Mooove! That her in the picture there? Yeah. Cute! How long due? Six months left when the bell whistled. Wish I coulda been there. But, you know how it is, business and whatnot. Scanning in progress. Margo should be here. Intruder sighted! Gonna smash your teeth in! Big fuckin' mistake! After Aguerra, we'll have drones comin' out of our ears. With the UD rollin' in, the captain'll call for a shore leave and then I'm gonna spend like there's no tomorrow! First thing I'll do is buy Ellie a new leg, and junior will get his first dubby racket. Diamond studded. I'm gonna buy a house by the Dengali sea shore on Helion Prime. And forget all this, ya know? Be a part of nature. Part of everything. Fuck that. Diamond studded dubby racket. Can't beat that. Woah, woah, woah! Who the fuck is this? Hey shit, he's not one of ours, Margo! Come out and... Fuck you! Fuck his shit up Ironlord! C'mon! Moth-er Fuck-er! Take him down! Need a vent tool. Whadda ya want? Eh? Whadda ya want? You mother fucker! Take this! Eye for an eye, tooth for a tooth, and the tools I need. A gold tooth. No accounting for taste. Yeah, that's Margo's gold tooth alright. Thanks, Riddick. ...that's for setting me up, motherfucker... ...Just wish I coulda seen his face. Don't worry about what I did for you. Worry about what I'll do to you. Silverman needs the tool, so spill the code. Silverman. I'll show her a good time. Once you open these doors, she'll be all black and blue with excitement. The code. Now. Four-four-six-five. And Riddick, tell that Silverman wench, I'm waiting for her. Rile her up a little for me, yeah? I don't rile people. I kill them. Fuck you! You're just a fucking pussy, Riddick. A cunt! You know what we did with the colonist pussies like Silverman's on Currian? Pillage and plunder and burn, burn, burn! I'm gonna pillage some Silverman-pussy when I get outta here! I'm gonna kill her and then I'm gonna fuck her. Fuck off, ass-ho. Tools. Just tools. Just gimme a sec and I'll have the vent tool ready for you. Here you go. Good to go, Riddick. I wish I could come with you. Like, I could find Lynn, and... ...and just show them they can't do this... Not to us. Please, try to find her. Take care of her. OK? Tell me about your daughter, Lynn. She's special. Always has been. My husband said she's so like me, but, I dunno... She's smarter than me, that's for sure. Why Newland? It's a long-ass trip for a colony transport on a shoe-string budget. My husband and I went just after Lynn was born. We wanted to give her a future, you know? What? What, you want some of this? Mmmm, this is good! It's good huh? Fuck off! Bitch... Bitch! Bitch! Bitch! Fuck up! Hey, woah, woah, woah! Suck... my... dick! They let him live? Can't be out of pity. Hmmm... Still standing. You got the vent tool, Riddick? She delivered. Now it's your turn. A ship, I can fix you a ship. I may look old and useless, but I've got more experience than you'll ever believe. Now, if I'm goin' to get you that ship, I'm gonna need a Data Pad. You have to find me a Data Pad. Where I can smooth-talk some ones and zeroes, then I can open doors for you. I need a Data Pad. Scanner is currently offline. They're expecting me. I won't disappoint them. All hands. This is a wake up call. Seems you sad lot haven't performed your guard duties as you should. Which means I'll personally bust your balls if you don't clean up the mess you've made. I want the intruder dead. Don't fuck up! Spinner out. Oh fuck. Yes, confirmed, multiple casualties. Shit. Doors to cell decks just reported as opened. Stand by. Dammit! Whatever Spinner's been doin' for Revas, to get his position, she's clearly cut him off, and his frustration is showing. Don't know what you're fucking with! I am the puppet master! Trouble! Bring it on! I only wanted to say hi! Revas, she's created some unholy fusion between flesh and technology. A body that is willing and a mind that's controlled. It's all wrong. The dead, should stay dead. We have contact! Kiss my drone ass! I wonder where that kid went? Haven't seen her for awhile. Damn, I forgot to put out some food for her... Stupid, stupid, stupid... Ah, she's... she's fine. Yeah, no worries... Testing. Testing? Hello, hello. La-di-da. Freaky... A Data Pad. Dacher could use this. Perfect! There should be comm stations all over the ship. Try to find one. If you do... ...punch in D-four-two-four-two. Contact me. I might be able to help you remotely through this pad. So, go fix the doors, then we'll bust out of here. You, me, Silverman and Lynn. Good luck. Riddick! You mother fucking piece of turd! See, Sad Eyes knows what you did in Butcher Bay. Bonner spilled it all. You killed Sad Eyes' Blueskin brothers, bitch! You wait 'til she gets outta here. Wait! She gonna tear off your dick and shove it down your throat! She's gonna make you scream like a little bitch. Man, I never meant to piss Sad Eyes Grinder off by telling about you. I'm sorry... but everyone talked about you down at the Bay. Everyone! You're a goddamn hero! A legend! You're supposed to talk about legends, right? Can I still come with you? Come on, man! Help me out. I got a wife and a kid... three kids even! And a dog. Come on, man! They need me! ...asshole... You thick-headed motherfucker. Eat this, fucker! Boy you guys are desperate. You don't look like any of Gale's mercs. I don't look like a merc, period. Now, who's Gale? Gale... Gale Revas, the Captain... before me that is... I am, Irvin Senate. I used to be the Captain of the ship. But she... She came on board and turned 'em, turned everyone against me, that witch! They all turned, like dogs! Only... Yoto left, Yoto.. ...over there was my XO... Yoto. Senate? Where are you? And then the Captain. Those, those cold eyes... Space eyes. Been out too long. She knows. She can see through you. Why won't God punish her?! Or is she the devil? Did she kill God? Can she... can she hear me thinking? Gale. So that's Revas's first name. Never knew it. Never cared. Why was she on your ship? I found her... ...dark, ohh... Sol Lucia, that, that planet near the Berrin gate. Oh, she was so beautiful.. Beautiful! Like, like, like a little slum-flower. And brave. Oh, brave little colonist soldier... Captured by us, but I spared her, spared her life! Eighteen years old, she was! Just a little girl... ...a little slumflower... a little... cat. Hunter? Best hunter I've ever seen! Did she succeed or did you fail? Because I'm seein' a lot of fail in you. I never failed you idiot! She did something, she... I just can't remember now. Sometimes it's like, like... I see them, oh... These, oh, these little worms eating the flesh inside my head. She, someone, put them there! But, but... Oh yes! I remembered... The mutiny! She gave me something. Something, something to drink. My heads... And now you're locked away in this trophy case. Guess it's better than having your head on the wall. Yes, yes... Me and Yoto locked inside a... a castle... a suite, brothel, eh... no, no, no... Not like this. It's, it's... like, like, like-fit, fit, fit for a king! Even the wenches she served us were top flesh. Why's she done this to me? To Senate, of all people, living or dead! Why? She manipulated Senate, turned his weakness against him. Need to speak to Dacher. What do you need, Riddick? The maintenance fan. Disable it. Alright, just hold on a sec... There we go. You fix the ship. I'll break the locks. I missed the debrief. It's Aguerra Prime, right? Not Gamma? Right, colonist planet. You know the drill. We'll set up the cannons. Take out the satellites and then gas bomb. It's easy. Man,colonists are always easy. Like the Newland. They just bend over and take it. Plenty of swag as well. Messy, sure - but worth it. Yeah, and you'll get your share under the covers. Tell me, how does it feel being the captain's fuck toy? What can I say? Who wouldn't love a face like this? he's got a stable, you know. Aw, eat shit! First stage - denial. You just wait till she puts that Black Spot on ya. When you're dried up and useless. Shut up. Need to create a distraction. Riddick. I know where you're at. You doing OK? Doesn't matter. I'm either doing, or I'm not. Listen, Riddick. You'll be swamped with Mercs once you've opened the cells. According to this map, there should be a drone control room close by. Get in there ASAP and I'll lock the door for you. But you have to be quick about it! Tell me how to open the cells. Hang on. Lemme see... Type in 'cerberos', and then 98 43, dash 787. Try that. Alright, nicely done Riddick... Ready the ship. Working on it. You're breaking up Riddick- Riddick... Is it you, skulking around on my ship? You knew you had vermin. You just didn't know how big they were. Oh just give it up, hon. You know that sooner or later, I'll get you. We could have such a good time together. We're going to have ourselves a time, Revas. Attention, this is your Captain speaking! The rat just released the goods from their cells. That means cleanup time, so Riot Squads on the ready. And I want all available teams on Main Decks to go to sector Fox. We have a fucking guest crashing our merry party. We got a body! He's sneaking around, the little fucker! Riot-squads report to sector one through one five. All prisoners have been released. Use extreme prejudice. Prisoners have escaped their sells on deck four. Send backup immediately! Emergency lock down activated. Let's get him! Riddick is manning the drones on fox two. Shoot them on sight. I repeat - shoot them on sight. Need to jam this fan with something... expendable. Cut the power to Station F-2! Holy fuckin' shit! Shoot him! Ah! Medic! I hate these fuckin' drones! Die, damn you! Die! Riddick... I look forward to meeting you. To see if you live up to your legend. And I hope it is so... Hmmm... Just take the gun. We have got loosing prisoners over here. Send backup immediately! Gravity generator. The spine of the ship. Shit! I'll put some holes in ya! Son of a bitch! I'll cover ya! C'mon! Up until now, they'd fed on civilians. The weak, and the helpless. Now the feast, is biting back. Crazy fuckin' fool! We got a breach in security! Intruder sighted! Shut down the dronetrack! Code 4! I need help with this intruder! Take the fucker down! Outstanding! God, this job sucks. He's here! Yer ass is mine! Got zero options and the number's dropping fast. I'll take a ride. Unit 2 dash 7 report to Cell Deck Five. Unit 3 dash 9 report to Cell Deck 4 relay corridor. Riot control requires extra fire power for the prisoner clean up. You're not scared of the dark are ya? I'll look over there. That butt fucker's still around here somewhere. Oh god... please... My mother wanted me to study violin. And miss all this ...fun. Uhh... hey, over here. Help me. Please... Please help... I can't stop your conversion. But I could stop your suffering. I know. It's... It's bad... Name's... Miles Rednox... These bastards are... turning me into one of their zombies! Looks that way. I got a wife, and a baby girl back on Jalta... They don't know... what happened to me... I wrote them a message, stuck it in a crack in the wall in my cell, ...so the guards wouldn't take it. Make sure they get it... The coordinates are on it. Please... They're going to think I abandoned them! Please... They'll know your last thoughts were with them. Oh, thank you... I hope, I hope they don't forget me... Please, don't let them do this to me... Turn off this damn machine... Let me... Let me die! Done. Cell Deck 7 and 8 are at critical status. All remaining officers report to these decks immediately. Stay sharp. He's around here somewhere. He's coming through the drainage! He's around here somewhere. Captain! I got him! I got Riddick! Man the drones! Now! We have an intruder! Hey, let's play a game, Riddick Where I beat you into submission by proxy. A lifetime behind bars... Is that what you want? I can be merciful. I could give you freedom, hon. Show you what life has to offer. Mercy's for the weak. Don't expect it. Never given. I gather this is your way of refusing my offer? Then why the fuck did you come here, Riddick? A med station. Athena NanoMed system has restored your health. Riddick, what did you do? Did the mating dance with the Queen Bee. Well, they're sending a Mech to your location right now! You can't take him on by yourself. You gotta find another way. Try getting him into the waste disposal room. And then use the trap door. It's a good day to die, ain't it Riddick?! Hahaha! You gotta be kidding me! Need to pick up the pace. Crazy fuckin' fool! I love my job! I fucking love my job! My skin's always been the best armor. But I'm not one to turn down an upgrade. You just crossed the fucking line, Riddick! Now I'm gonna pull your entrails out your ass! You're not walkin' away from this alive! Life form detected in waste disposal seven. Emergency lockdown initiated. A Mech... Should be worth a few laughs. Riddick, it's me, Dacher... I tapped into your feed... Things are getting out of control in here... Lost Silverman. Jaylor attacked her. She ran away. Ya gotta get here fast! Hurry up! The riot squad'll be here soon! This is comm central ... Please, report in. Unit 3 dash nine ...operational? What is your status? Over. This is Comm Central, please report in! Mech, incoming! Oh god! Oh god! Please report in! We know its you Riddick. Step out of the mech and we might give you a chance. Warning. Your hull has been compromised. Please use a mech repair station before entering any hazardous environments. All systems are online. Weapons systems at full capacity. Riddick, hon. Where do you think you're going in that machine? The outer hull of the ship. Only way to get to the cell decks. Ah, come on now, Riddick. Let's just turn over a new leaf, what d'ya say? Let's keep an open dialogue between us. Well, monologue really, since... well, you can't really talk back, can ya? And how do you think I feel, Riddick? Here I am, trying to welcome you. Trying to make you feel like a part of my crew... I guess you think you're just too good for me. You think you're a better man, do you? Well, if I had a dick that is. But, I can forgive you, Riddick. I know you're a smart man, Riddick. A fountain of ideas and perceptions, a bottomless well of wisdom. But you just can't see that... That we're the same, you and I... We're both steeped in the same dark void. I could hear it in her voice. Revas is losing control. I've become the only thing she thinks about. And her obsession is effecting her judgement. I'm warning you, Riddick. This is your last chance, before things turn really ugly. Just like old times... But with less talk afterwards. See you soon. So far, so good. Riddick! Can't wait any longer. I gotta move on. Try to contact me! Mutiny! Mutiny! Riddick! Riddick! Aww, I'd love to stay and chat, but well, you know... Kill him! One down. One to kill. I got a wife, and a baby girl... I wrote them a message, stuck it in a crack in the wall in my cell... Make sure they get it... Mommy, Mommy! Riddick! He's locked inside! Help him! Ok, honey. Go hide and I'll open the grating for him. Okay. Riddick! I thought I was dead for sure, and then the cells opened. That was you! I owe you my life. And Lynn's. God, it's like I can't even remember what it's like to be free. That, to know that Lynn... that she's safe, y'know? She's all I got. I don't know how we would have done it without you, Riddick. They're so beautiful when they're dead. Riddick! You like dead pussy?! Tell you what. You put away your gun and we'll do this like, real men. Oh, I'm gonna have so much fun with the dead chick. I know the drill. I can see your fear. Oh yeah! I'm gonna beat your fucking brains out. You have your fight. Come and get me, you bastard! Fucker... He's dead. Mommy...? Is mommy asleep, Riddick?... Is she asleep? No. She's at peace. The monster... That monster's gonna be with you til the day you die. Don't be afraid of it. In time you'll understand how to use it... control it... harness it... unleash it... I can be a monster too. Take a look. Lean past the corner. Sad Eyes gonna tear you a new one for the brothers, Riddick! See you shouldn't messed with us! You shouldn't 'a messed with Sad Eyes! Sad Eyes gonna fuck you up! That's not gonna happen. Please... They're going to think I abandoned them! Please... Riddick! No time to waste! Got a ship secured in Bay fifteen! Got me? I'm in the Cell Decks. I need a route. Reconfiguring the code. Just a minute. Oh, shit. You've got a welcoming committee. Then I'll be sure to say hello. Give me the code. Ok, try six-five-six-seven. Now, hurry! Access granted. Hangar Bay. My exit. Can you hear her singing? Come again? The Athena, lady of sin that lit up my life. Listen... She's serenading us, the dark angel of the abyss... harmony. Saddled with a freak like you on my last shift! Where's the fucking harmony in that? Restoring atmospheric pressure. It only takes a minute. Come on, come on, fight me! Ha! Is that all you got? Thought you could leave without saying good-bye! Good-bye. You can forget your past, but it always finds you. This ship is not serviceable. It's never easy. Ejection cannot be aborted from this point. Ejecting in 5 - 4 - Take me with you! Please! 3 -2 - 1. Fuck you, Riddick! Fuck you, you fucking cocksucker! So, you think you can escape me?! I don't think it. I know it. Warning. Inbound missle. Contact is imminent. I'll show your little friend... I'll show her what hell means. Impact in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 Warning. Time stops. I sleep for hours, days, weeks... And when I finally awake, I'm still a creature of the dark. Warning. Air supply at 2%. Danger of suffocation. Aguerra... Now this forsaken planet is about to bury more than dreams. Mmmm, that smell... Sewers... Could be a way out. I haven't escaped. Just traded one hell for another. Stop mixing up the useable ones with the dead! They all look the same to me Sarge... Weak dead shit in the well. Useful living shit into the grav-lift transport. Shit rolls down hill. And right here, right now... I'm top of that hill and you are in the crap factory. So get on with it. The only thing that's polluting the air here is the stench of a Merc. Stupid merc-dogs! Ase kanti! Coming here to my planet, dropping bombs, think you the big boss! Nagene konai! I spit on your future graves. Drones rule! Sons of bitches! Get away from here! Go! Go! Hello? 'ello? Sangi! Like a ghost you appear! Where did you come from? It's not where I'm from, but where I am that matters. And now I'm here. Pavlo's the name. And this is my home. Welcome! I recognize that tattoo. Cassinia Majora. You were in the camps. This? Yes, I got it from Cassinia Majora camp. I was a defier, put away by dirty Regulators. Aguerra, my home, for years now, since escape. Never leave, much my homesickness eats through stomach. Many people, they come here like me, for new chance. There's a merc ship here, The Dark Athena. Merc ship? Landed. Northern island, space docks. I saw it coming. Yes, yeah, yeah. I knew! Mercs, I said! They come for no good. Death, slavery they bring ya. You go there? Na, na, na, na, na. Many, many mercs on the way. You crazy. We have some soon-to-be-finished business. No! No! Trouble. Big trouble! Wait! I got something for you. As long as it's useful. Supply depot. Very close, east. We keep big... big gun! SCAR gun! I give you a key to supply depot, You bring me a gas mask and you get SCAR gun! Good deal, yah? Depends on the gun. Ohhh. Powerful weapon. Aguerran miners wet dream! Shoots, how you say, compressed air... capsules, that stick to stuff, just like shit to fly. Flip switch and BOOM! Dunno what hit 'em! Ah, you see! Don't make me think about something else. Give me the key. Arggh. Those merc dogs. Think they can kick down my door and shit on carpet... Like they didn't know what I'm capable of. Now go. Bring me back gas mask. Not many survive to old age in this place. The supply depot. The old man gets a gas mask. The Mercs... get a nasty surprise. Attention all hands, subjects have entered supply depot in sector Bravo Five. Deploying air strike spider turrets. All officers in vicinity move in and neutralize the threat. The SCAR gun. Originally designed to improve people's lives, but in the right hands, it's an efficient and violent way to end them. It's in the right hands now. There you are... Harvest protocol Alpha One in effect: Unconscious survivors clear of gas effects are subject for drone recruitment. Weak or dead should be disposed of immediately. Neutralize any sign of resistance. Bring it on! They killed the old man, so he talked. This planet's a dead end. Athena is my only way out. Ghost town. Stripped clean by Mercs. This'll be a challenge. This needs a close kill. The ulaks had first been forged by the ancient monks, used in defense of honor. Asha na-reni! Who... Who is this...? When death calls, don't be in a hurry to answer. Well, whoever you are... Please, help me. The mercenaries, they jammed our communications grid. This is the only spot I've been able to transmit to. I saw the ship. I saw it through my window as it came down. The most frightening thing I've seen in my life. Mercs spewed out from its belly. They've been sweeping the streets now, looking for survivors. I can hear them patrolling outside! Your signal's breakin' up. Please.. Hello? The communications grid? They deployed signal jammers after the gas attack. Go outside and look for them. Five flashing beacons located across this and the nearby islands. If you destroy them, the signal should clear up. Then, I can contact the others. Maybe even reach our neighboring systems. They could help us. Yes, yes! I'll do what I can. Oh, thank you! Thank you. Hurry, I think I hear someone outside! I'll wait right here. I don't believe it! Manera! You did it! Thank you! Thank you so much! I can contact the others now! I just want the Mercs. They docked at the starport. If that's where you're heading, you will have to go through New Venice and the Refinery... If you're going through the Refinery, I'm in the room next to the service elevator. We could team up. I will wait for you. Now, God willing, I'll be able to contact the others, so we can get out of this... hell. Goodbye! The only way out. Back to the ashes. Back to the Athena. Light intruding now. Shining. Aguerra was beaconing me... This city's a ghost town. Built on fear and empty promises. My kinda place. Another survivor? Let's have some fun with this one. Wait a... Who...? You're in my way. That's Riddick! Holy shit! It is! Heya Riddick! We've heard a lot about you! Oy! Shithead! Captain's got nothing but good things to say about you! Let's play some games. In one corner - Riddick, Butcher Bay escapee. In the other - Some-Nobody-Recently-Turned-Drone. Maybe it's his mother! Alright, nice little warm up. Have another Drone. Ok, I guess you are as tough as they say. Ready for another round? Are you sure we should be doing this? Do this... and there's no going back. Motherfucker! Are you still standing? Well, here's something to finish you off! I like a challenge. He's a dead man! Shit! He just destroyed the fuckin' Alpha! Let's take him out. Warn Revas! Better run. Ah, fuck! I'm a walking death penalty. Should be able to reach the Athena through here. I said to Revas - "Kill the fucking kid already make her a baby drone, whatever." See, I knew she'd be trouble. But they've fixed the engines she broke? Yeah, I'll go announce it to the men. I wonder why she went for the engines. Revas's second's named Spinner. Typical coward with a gun. Don't understand the pain he inflicts on others. Cuz he's never experienced it himself. I'm gonna change that. All hands, this is Spinner... You'll be glad to know that our time on this spunk bubble of a planet has come to an end. Get your shit together and asses back aboard the Athena in five minutes. Alright, fuck this shit. Let's head back to the Athena. Stark drinks will be served at ten. Be sure to get drunk off your asses or people may frown. Would someone please check out what the fuck is going on in the transport relay! All available Drones in sector Bravo, report to the Refinery hall immediately. Kill Riddick! Motherfucker thinks he's something special, does he? Let's see you deal with this! Best way to escape a problem... Is to solve it. This'll get me to the Athena. He's not getting through here. He can kiss his ass goodbye if he does. Did anyone check the vent? Psst... Who the fuck crawls through a vent? What the fuck? Somethings wrong. Someone stop the conveyor and check that container! I want Riddick dead or captured. Fail and you'll kiss the gunner's daughter! I've been working for months now Riddick! Waiting for the perfect fight, the perfect moment... ...to fuck someone up! What a treat that it gets to be against Richard B. Riddick... ...baddest motherfucker in the galaxy! Scratch that... ...second baddest motherfucker... ...after me! I'll make sure they tattoo that on your corpse. It'll take more than those shiny eyes to put me down, Riddick! Impossible! Fucking useless piece of shit Mech! In the end, everybody bleeds the same. I could have had you... If it's any consolation, you were better than average. So that's something. Access granted. Access granted. ...Hello?... Kid, talk to me. Riddick! I knew you'd come back! I made the ship stay, but they found me so I ran. I'm in a secret place. The monsters are looking for me. Where are you? Hiding in a vent. There was a sign that said, Prototype Testing... something... I don't remember. Riddick? Stay where you are. I'm going to show these monsters the true meaning of fear. Mommy showed me something. I can make the drones not hurt us any more. I promise, I can help. What an extraordinary girl you found, Riddick. Sneaking 'round my ship, like an adorable mini-version of you. Lieutenant, you have my permission to shoot him like the fucking rat he is. But Captain, even Spinner couldn't- Or the dentist, your choice... Either way... Get ready, people! ... you're gonna lose some teeth. I have no mercy left for you. Someone release the drones before this fucking door opens! Fire at will! Eventually, all servants turn on their masters. Attention all hands! Malfunctioning drones on decks six through nine. Repeat, malfunctioning drones on decks six through nine. Assigned squads meet at rally point to neutralize the threat. Non-essential personnel stand clear of the affected area. Access granted. Access granted. Where there's hatred, sow justice. Where there's injury, pardon. Where there's doubt, hope. And may a swift and certain death befall anyone who stands in my way. Ain't much of a prayer, but it sounds good. That's why I know this won't be over until Revas breathes her last breath. Warning. This is a prototype control station. Be advised that destruction of the vessel may cause you harm. Use with caution. Motherfucker! I'm gonna fuck you up! Big fucking mist... Has anyone seen the little girl? In here, Riddick! I'll get you out. If the drone dies, hide in the vent. I knew you'd come back! I know where a ship is, Riddick. The computer told me. Take me to the elevators. I could open from inside. Watch out! Motherfucker! There's so many of them. Go left. Motherfucker! I made the monsters our friends, did you see, Riddick? Did you? Mommy would have done the same. You got 'em! Go left. Go left. Up there In there. Get in. I can climb into the elevator room and open the doors. Then you can get in from the other side. Hurry! It took years to create this! Years, you asshole! Then you come in here and you fucked it all up! I'm used to living hard, Riddick. But it ends right here, right now! What, d'you think your life has a purpose? Only war and death and nothingness! There is no purpose! Now you can stay beautiful, Revas. You're don't have to open your mouth anymore. It didn't have to be this way. You know what? It doesn't fucking matter anyway. Just don't forget me. If you're used to living hard, Revas, then dying should come easy. Is she coming back? When I say goodbye, it's forever. I'm cool. Heh. My father would kick my ass if he knew where I was working right now.