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HOW And WHY Tiger kills student who fell into New Delhi zoo enclosure -- caught on video!

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young man killed by Tiger after falling and run closure at New Delhi zoo muscle con decided to spend Tuesday at the New Delhi do when found himself fascinated by DJ a rare white tiger witnesses say the young man slipped and fell possibly while trying to take a picture zoo officials however that mister conn may have been drinking and may have jumped into the enclosure I witnesses said the tiger ran up to his uninvited gas before tens 15 minutes tear down began as the animal sized up the situation and some say things may not have escalated had onlookers not tried to frighten the tiger off by screaming out and pelting them with rocks finally the tiger pounced on the unfortunate young man using its powerful jaws drag him away by the neck here's some pretty terrifying footage do officials say there were tranquilizer guns located some 350 be from the tiger enclosure but they were unable to get to them in time final verdict Tigers are powerful killing machines and zoos have ben says for resign get the total news mobile phone app I think I've been uncensored search for Tomo news in the Apple App Store Google Play Morsy the links in the description of this video knows