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Six Types Of Best Friends You Have

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these I the six types a girlfriend who have first up the wild one she superfund michio seems to be getting UN travel come on 19 biggest gonna kill you really what about last time bust took out my skills mayor-elect Apple because I'm allergic to apples yeah whatever if you don't based in your no fun you're gonna regret arrest by next up the dependable one she's basically the mom at the group where you wanna maybe tonight relative all the time to demand better this girls on top of her shit also cap a healthy snack up we're never gonna be able to sync doesn't writing about I think that then there's the one you're secretly jealous love somehow her life is always March 19 years so I'm so distracted I spent on my flight to london is delayed what you're going to London yeah I'm just going for what's it's like I'm really going to like that yeah share anyway what happened back I oh that doctor he's gonna cleaning I don't want my boyfriend man in the back well at least in your friend whose I was down to chill weirdly she never seems to be doing anything yeah I'm now trying two weeks that had been dropping Dylan wrote that like wife without me get over it happening now to looking at who cares about Logan hash tag team jazz CAS is overlain and oh hell no now the one who makes you laugh she can seriously make anything funny there I am standing up like and that means rock an alien four I fall straight no water my white third itself the date is like telling her aunt where did she come up with the story ever tell you about a one time when I heard my cry his house 3 a.m. Catholic at me no way yes way well no way getting and keeping me back whatever good luck then there's a line talk shit about everyone else the know it all week me yes you no I'm not talking shit I'm just calling it like I see a sure but these girls are your friends they're much more than the labels you find them I mean ya obviously they're all great so why label them desolation I need come around yeah I feel England Mean Girls oh yeah I totally 2010 Tina Fey's guy right now there may be spent forever I know right act like nothing which back either feet do something with your bestie because we all know life better when your best is a roundup shrank bank