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teaching center is brought to you by pmdd p ultimate driving machine hello and welcome to teaching center on board Maxwell today's top stories from the exciting world tension mom Terri Schmidt well now we know the long-awaited announcement by starting with teacher will be home has said teasing fans across the nation into a friend's home have enjoyed my time in Ohio very much but I'm pleased to announce that I'm taking my talents back to New York City thank you properly PS 431 has made me an offer he couldn't refuse eighty million guaranteed over six years the number forty million in incentives based on test scores this hour puts the right up there with Rock Ridge Elementary AT ALL and William Wong out all called by let's take a look at yesterday's high school teacher jobs from Radio City Music Hall were settle Rapids high recipient being worst test scores last semester mean the first pic that was not surprised anyone for the first pic central appetite apes calculus teacher Mike Elston also Teachers College just like dollar-million might he owes is an unbelievable story his father little paycheck to paycheck as a humble pro football player came was unnatural metal notion about his mom haha you know this there's no way around that I no you're not a today's highlight of the day is brought to you by the one hundred percent Black Angus beef burger on a fresh big bond from Carls junior and Rd now it's time for the highlight of the day I integer actually Ferguson is not one of them test scores over a vet score ho hi okay 0 all Confederate forces fired first can anyone tell me where this battle took place now look at this she looks left then right look past the students with their arms up in the air spots max near the back you'll see that even those and isn't up he's gay max it was have Fort Sumter that's right focus what you did there she's bringin entered into the discussion of that's a teacher of the year play right there that's right boy know the compass game iMac by answering that question correctly will enhanced performers throughout the rest of the year no doubt coming up after the break makefield prep trades for instance in the low to Skyline High for a head librarian and to Muslims man named later will get the inside scoop on the impending teachers strike call cripple the season messed up all to Jesus all on strength cornices through me the I am month house T I am a leader a believer and the boris gas limpkey way somewhat is possible the to the team arm PT the all-new 20 six years meet the new teachers pet the be be in