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Italy's Shocking Underground Trade in Female Sex Slaves

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Italy country agreements culture in history one of the most desirable destinations in the world I was lucky wealthy enough to call themselves tourists class news Lawson from first wilson's mission those who try and go back inside the design potent national 1.1 universal temple sold moved ok cool just to vote on is no you didn't go to the tremendous because they wouldn't miss you in the game 11 years in the Marines thank you the Moon Boot Moon mines good for him measure you but that's the plan at home live in Indiana love that million bring museums rekindled by the neck be on this issue mister and didn't know anyone who did not good evening them the ninth open sleigh ok here w/o as extraordinary as it sounds these were released account for you about a fighting battle against the 21st century's most visible for months mike him the vast majority of these foreign prostitutes I'm not he willing as economic migrants they've been forced through fear of reprisal to themselves all the families to work Street I'll this comes then nightmare world mafia peeps and feel by K the Google I'm me the for you for for you with okok okay who'll my him well policemen details in this farming strap into little more than mop-up the victims Cassie here the PSL remember from 19 countries in Eastern Europe by getting my body and mold around 09 rusher going to do something about me LIBOR a specific apartment move it somewhere and in other locations yeah grisly D valuable than they can when he doing in the area unit will bode is only now the way still they introduced into the prostitution rings in that both on public roads or see another key I mean to you going know you'll hundreds of thousands women thought to have been forced to take that route in the last from as a result prostitution transforming industrial wastelands and Western Europe there are as many as 70,000 the street to even most gonna documents leaving missing around I mean use yet home couldn't home he thinking need to change learn way more than one million billion boyfriend hit me see more you could find me in molding machine use my whole family myself included I me yeah BP over your name mom-and-pop Google this is the him recent ones considered to be the fastest growing up no ma'am borrowing money from people organized stalking including much you tens of thousands of dollars a month is Italy the police are not the only ones on the streets dawn arrested bindi is on a personal crusade against the sex slave trade with them sons and her them visited see you know see his weapon means trauma the Bible but he also owns one home real risk reports person them techno in the last ten years on this day has helped nearly 3,000 YUM break free from perhaps his network foster families the last hope world like nineteen-year-old frightened new arrival after more than four years I'm screwed possible I'm whose of yes Monday mine I'm wound mazone good your in I'm to and in one about welp dealing he's for him gonna rest is church streets during the band's 75-year-old priest raises money pushing 200 kilometers an hour from one meeting disciples to the next day hoping to spur the secret that have galvanized Yahoo it's the volume buttons the support I don't think anybody any its people who are going to get me to do that llama bandwidth yup that's one what does top don't want to be with me but there is one other channel miss wanted to call to don't say sorry no deserto as a frontman Dan final for illegal immigrants is refugee center on the southern coast of Italy tanks in anyone who watches up counselor regina patches is just 44 nautical miles from Albania is equally unanimous unions and he asks it becomes the albanians don't like in the field was gonna get people who want to see a little bit but we can't bf3 AA you know he's all in green we'll be able to you want to respond we're going to be legalized recorded on the or didn't you two years ago don't as I rebuilt specials are annex victims and the sex slave traders by helping them he's created a prison for himself the threat of execution by the Albanian mafia is now dining out you with globally another freeman in all of my second thought the legal limit at the moment really bad at it was that'll yemenese yeah I don't know yet my loans have a reputation particular crew the who live there work bachi Bell we should we chose buddy the region out difference between their way of performing the criminal activity whom into a little rooms the things you need to know about that Holmgren was there looms almost more the last man who bought told me that he once had it was rainy and your warranty ran her over with his car what she found was the most in more effort in slow motion asking he says that's what i'd get through him 21-year-old animus Kyle dumped in the sea when the boat speed little was intercepted Anna is now an illegal immigrant she can she's lucky she's now working in the refugee center laundry Michael the rest she was heading for the streets working for her albanian your he human either I would have cute he moans it wouldn't confirm he was such a nurse teams patient I don't think I'm instant I would have found the solution movement ok Western Europe mostly min america's Richard graphic bike here past year Michael and from prime rescue missions and from the heart now welcomed Iran stopping its you people phone rule line is want noms and mom mind and when TV does chrome home would only be home and her home Bangon and it would be and sometimes these people around come nice sometime mom am ok online people who we and so we have ok desman on six 10 thousand women to transport vehicles here if the year against you for many of them albany is just a transit point but in albania itself the disappearance of thousands of young women has become one police discount least from the school the the religious expression is not the only marginal by since the end 1992 a biannual iced its isolationist regime him looking it's been downhill served gone your no one insight a few years ago some easy and emergence big girls but disappeared it any sa smoltz's email yeah you we have many girls but some owners Libya saying anything to anybody lucrative he's on all wheels rims work because we didn't have any objection from the government islands and alleged social class extending we don't have any questions from the police we proposes will certainly look very sensational salutes or for me in 1997 aid agencies were reporting that as many as 90,000 O'Brien girls and banished since then tried exploded most girls a simply kidnapped and sold by local mafia but in some cases parents 107 their own daughters aid workers in the remote villages even seen the transactions first-hand strawberries soccer fields work they have nothing no water or electricity work that we do okay I five pairs I said what but they sure they don't understand what they are I know if Emily and I i went I was there when they say scare and I you ask what second even there I I see with my eyes and they say notebooks or she's documentary first act and what happened money change hands yes two hundred dollar is nothing 20 does between desperation by the time he believes a dream across mocks every missing girl the young people here a fighting back against the kidnappings am against the social more engineering culture but Micah almost impossible almost six lives to be accepted back into the game changed gotcha just we aren't allowed to return to their homes start in life was fast top its national love system we were singing along to alter the country who we are lines limited usual showmanship we know how much you are suffering animal not feeling in the world that this group she's right the street feel deeply hoping to convince them to seek help people liked on a wrister apart from these local initiatives nothing is being downed freebies min from this sexual problems without European political will nobody and because the problem starts here budget program the to conceal Rustam larry's romel London's girls when are they going yeah running toward on rules streets the refugees into the business change in political mild the victims changed forever ok munitions and humid one from it's included in the room complete interest in certain things from moving at all glitches Kings non wouldn't want to miss engines in real time for items and doing gym 0 %uh do of