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Girlfriends Cut Their Boyfriends' Hair

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okay new strategy don't be a dick too much I am gonna be cutting fees hair today I and Irving but I'm gonna cut too much of a pair of you can be mad at me came short Jake John heartache found is what I picked out for tires a deal here cut I think we can pull this off I am free like particular about my hair very pretty I get my chest out having gone insane barber now for about three years as long as it doesn't look like him preach than I'll be okay with that plus I got a couple you have to look at porn wearing I'm not going to matter alleged abacha 0 vote yes all right ted yet picking up I think I like it like that not know you have been kinda pick you up and then I thought okay you know just shoot in there tonight arts and craft project feel like it I refreshingly different career if you hear I'm glad that you feel so casual but to be very ready for the swift a new two hole Holland we really got anything this one is here and you're gonna like the fingers out here slice their book even spending a little bit on the left side such as me I don't know I should be directly to you you're the one who conceived on your administrators to get a haircut 2003 or she stopped laughing good that either good or bad his have the time I let me tell here hotness I liken this fad is oh my god there's nothing quite small I'm did no there's not the help of him 0 it's like nothing happens you know how surgeons restraint like when they mess up stay there and the person had feel like he did 10 you know you've said I look good way too much for me to believe that you actually feel that way yeah i think im Wald mississippi Cape Jerry Hall create the Uighurs sheerly T okay it's not I'm okay its it's not bad I'm that I was expecting so much worse someday enough be here and it's actually kinda dopey I mean like it his inside not very good behind by it's not was I don't think I should ever cut his hair ever again it to Facebook and if i dont any worse I think we would have got into a fight when are you coming here again let's just say not an axe long time fair on ok as well as good as that bubble gum second here there's like many possible you know for you but I think it looks good now go into it