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next stop werevertumorro what? what do you want Gabriel Montiel? stop I am making a documentary about what? about how pigs eat! hey hello, how are you? thats how Im going to start the video all improv yeah just like that, with you, let's hope people didn't leave already i wanted to make a vlog, and well today's video is really special let's make it the most shared share this video , because if you do not laugh with this video you are not human -how is today's video? -it is awesome, i really wanted to go to 1D's concert i was one of the many that wanted to go but couldn't let's see what we prepared for you today, like it favorite it, and share it, let's see one direction! one direction that is your elementary school class room right? 1D no its the sign for one direction everybody is happy because some one had an erection, one erection is what they are yelling yell it again and there is people getting ready for halloween in june they say they are in favor of wearing condoms and that why they made this I come all the way from Tamaulipas with my daughter so that she can see one direction and do you know the names of the members in the band? I only know louis... and... naaay? i can't remember ?????? and that's all she knows you see Enrique Peña Nieto how you can do things without a teleprompter and here we have an old lady trying to make this young one fall down and she is trying to get in first because she is a big fan of one direction not that much and that's why you try to cut in line? -hahaaha no -aren't you ashamed? -no -she is just a girl why are you cutting in front of her? -you like one direction a lot? -yes i love them! -when did you start liking one direction? since march oh she is a big fan of their career, two long months being a fan! since march of 2010 why are you dressed like that? because I want them to notice me she lost a bet, she goes for chivas and she had to dress like a chicken and why did you come dress like that? because i want them to notice me when they are singing before, groupies would show their boobs, now they come dressed up like pumpkins she is a carrot ok, and you are a chicken right? yes a chicken and why? this are the only two costumes you could find? no, its because two of the guys like to eat chicken and one likes girls that eat carrots and so... so, here it is people getting dressed up so they can eat them and... and you? one of them likes strawberry shortcake or why did you dress up? no haha you come here to throw those types of things? yes 100% they are even signed and they are negative a cups right? and we are here with part of the staff from chabelo, they are here to see one direction you come on behalf of chabelo right? guadalajara chabelo guadalajara right? and you come here to support one direction yes and we have short people that buys big shoes to get to see the stage for one direction you got the shoes to be able to see one direction right? i didn't understand a word of what you said you bought those shoes so that you can get to see the stage right? I am not going in there! hi so thats it? what? so you like justin bieber? yes would you like to win some tickets for justin bieber? yes two questions first the names of the 5 members of one direction but without people telling you i don't know them now the names for the first two mexican presidents guadalupe victoria and...wait is it victor? let's see... and they are the group 25143 in response to #weare132 in the next clip you'll see that our reporter communicates very well with people do one first then three and then two three and then two we are backwards it needs to be 132 no the other way around this girls know nothing about numbers,,, a lot of days making that poster right? actually yes.. yes what techniche did you use for this painting? there is one of the biggest fans of one direction and apparently he is running away because he is in the band but he is dressed up like an old man -so you only like them because they are cute? -no their music is nice too -but i just want to see them already! because i can listen to them anywhere I just want to see them and know we see the parents saying bye to their kids who will be murdered in there we are sad because they went through that door without even saying bye or anything they didn't even look back! we will add more drama to raise the rating today we present, they switched me for one direction we are sad because they went through that door without even saying bye or anything they didn't even look back (the girl on the left is very sad) they didn't let us buy tickets we are here without showering or eating yes I can smell we only one three tickets the tickets are way too expensive and we only need three if all the people is watching we only want three tickets all the people that will see this next week tell them, that you need three tickets we only need three tickets in the back it doesn't matter! (the girl on the left is too happy) so it doesn't matter if they are drunk or in the back you just want tickets we just want to go in and see one direction! you are here for the concert? yes.. but please don't but the guy doesn't like cameras because God know what he has done in the past right? maybe he owes money to the bank and that's why he doesn't want to be seen! you are waiting for your daughters? yes sir... apparently he is a pedophile and he is waiting for someone to rape and we can see here people supporting "el chavo del ocho they have all the characters how long have you been a fan of "el chavo del ocho" ? what does it say? is that your home address? yes! I love one direction! i might not look like a big fan, but i love them! one direction! number one fan! so that is mayley cyrus she has truly changed what do you think about the one that got eliminated from america's got talent? none of them come from america's got talent! melchor ocampo very good! here are your two tickets for justin bieber here are your two tickets for a free concert down town always making all the girls happy what do the symbols from down here mean? they are like the avengers each with their own symbol people that come to be sacrificed for elmer the farmer and that's why they dress like carrots and since they are shy they are running away and you are a big fan f one direction? no i am not a fan I just come here to work HAHAHA what do you do? Im selling shirts ahahaha you sell shirts but not for one direction hahahaha I am here to promote metal, to kill pop and go for metal man! we want more metal! let's kill pop! hahaha and we are here with two ex backstreet boys you are here to support one direction right? sir, are you here to support one direction? no... not really we can sing hahahaha and thats all fake because those are not even your bras right? nooo!! well i don't know abursum emperor doctrom hahaha what shampoo do you use? what shampoo do I use? ego hahahahahaha careful because you guys already killed this man sir are you comfortable? yes are you tired of hearing this girls yell? I am tired are you in favor of this concert? excuse me? are you in favor of the concert? no osdposhduhdpuhifv right? you are just here watching right? -i love each on of them so much! -and this one loves plants right? because he is from ireland ohhh and why does this one have a dog? it s a little cat... -ohhh its a cat... so he likes cats he is going to find a lot here.. and what about the carrot? he likes carrots and why is that one grabbing his but? sedillo and... guadalupe victoria and... santa ana carlos santana right? yes here are your tickets for justin bieber all the way in the front they really want them, two tickets for justin bieber! why is everybody dressed up or with carrots? because they are like inside jokes for us the fans, if you are not a fan you can't really understand that is the only way to know it is because one of them uses a carrot for sex right? giving himself pleasure and thats why everybody brings him carrots right? hahaha people are worried because lots of girls do not have tickets do you want me to lend you my mic? what is up man? do you want me to lend you my mic? because apparently yours is broken 150, 183 people from televisa don't want to talk apparently people from 132 scares them too much i don't know wait... yeah she doesn't know we give up thank you for the interview... -where are we going to come out? -it is just for my house... -ahhh man! i like to see videos of young girls because I am a perv! ahh just kidding who is baby? it is a part of the song "what makes you beautiful sing it sing it so we can know whitney houston we don't miss you! and why does one have an erection? the one with the gray pants has an erection that is a lot of good art in just one painting you like to dress the same, with a jacket? sometimes you guys plan it out? -yes -in the morning? -no.. -does your dad make you dress like him? no, not at all tell me the names of the first three mexican presidents ehhh.... i don't know them... and you, her mom, keep bringing her to this concerts so that she can embarrass herself do you agree to bring your daughter even though she doesn't know anything? oh well, no not really, we should know all that you are going to spank her at home right? hahah yes and you are going to beat her? no no... who are the 5 members of one direction? ;asfadoiafpodihpofhcvnczbnlivblivhcblc b and the six mexican greatest war heroes? uhmmm.... lets see you mister? montes de oca, juan de la barrera... now we see how behind all this is carlos salinas... cachorros that is it for todays vlog i knwo we are not at the set but.. but it was fun, and that is the magic of vlogs, you don't have to have a theme i had fun, I hope you did too very funny people this is my friends twitter and this are the twits for the last video we uploaded i have been reading them I am also reading some twits from this video #juandirectionw2m so start twitting and ill play them in the next video we put up take care always remember that even though you feel bad or bored we are here for you maybe we will have a good video an excellent video or a very bad one but we will always try to make you laugh so take care and share the video it is worth it take care, bye the most embarrassing thing was when they sent me to buy tampons for my sister.. not cool i thought the cassandra thing was in the past but come on, only you can come up with that being for a woman! when your mom takes you out shopping and in the fitting room she yells, did it fit or you need another size!? letters of love, cinnamon kisses :) today the video was a little weirs but I loved it and it made me laugh and that is what matters right? if #shoppingw2m becomes a trending topic ill buy trousers for everybody twit: #juandirectionw2m so that you can come out in the next video. he is working as you can tell so.. ill see you next week! it is my channel and i wanted to do this and you also laughed share the video and be happy laugh, you know we are here when you need to laugh take care bye why do you touch me sir? why did you touch me?

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