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1740 you know they're really want a lot a good viral videos out this week so I had to use on the last week's reject starting with this skater guy who does an amazing rail slide how'd she know I know what you're thinking you're thinking within the hell did Adam Lambert start skating I don't know but I'm honestly glad this guy didn't break his neck and let that be a lesson to you forum email hair is not a good substitute for a safety helmet now I saw this video a while back and I didn't cover it because I didn't think it would go viral but I was wrong because it everywhere and all it is is fuckin dog you can't roll over I mean like really look at him what is he drunk why can't he roll over policy half turtle honestly though I'm guilty too i watch the whole thing mesmerized like he's gonna roll over campaign this poppy this puppy is on its back more often than you know what nevermind well this next video is years old but it recently went viral on break a guest so they're these hunters right and for some reason their hunting ally in %uh the sly and literally gets inches away from killing one of them ho-ho-ho now I don't know what provoked that lie and I think he may have been provoked by hip-hop lyrics what did you see how mad he got don't call me a homo home money shot right to the dome now it sucks that as long had to die like that I bet that Hunter had the changes underwear after that close call and not to get off topic forum would you think that drunk ass dog ever rolled over I can't believe that went viral you internet people in your in puppy fetish pants tell what time it is form in time for the comic question of the day which comes from user name the silent killer 7 and he asked if she could make a picture what would you call and will be effect so if you could invent a new drug what would you call it and what would be the effect we're getting a great response in the comment section below and over to dismiss your video for the next episode comic question of the day but thanks for watching today's episode of eagles 3 on ray william johnson and I approve this message so tell me foreign if you could get it on with any fictional character which one would you choose you way well but doing my to nearby yes worst air inlet more drawers Bighorn hair looking