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You'll Never Flirt The Same After Watching This

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what is the most effective way to flirt well turns out that there's actual scientific evidence behind affective flirting and doctor Monica Moore doctor Monica more from Webster University in Saint Louis hashed it all out in a Times piece where she explains exactly what you can do to get the attention a man or woman now interestingly enough your walks have very little to do with whether or not you get approached if you're at a party or if you're in any type of environment in fact according to what doctor Monica more she says it's not the most physically appealing people who get approach but the one to signal their availability and confidence their basic flirting techniques like I contact and smiles know I love this right because I I remember you know years ago I was constantly in the situation and I was in a relationship ends wouldn't matter anyway I was constantly in a situation where I go out with the girlfriend of mine and guys were all over her and everyone avoided me like no one came up to me know and I felt so bad about myself because I would look at home but what I'm not pretty like everyone wants my friend I'm the only one this is terrible I'm the one that people like want to get rid of you know the only friend your the anchor right bigger that's what they call by a while why we call being cursed last grenade all to okay okay but then I realized after I investigating a little bit and watching her about you know non-verbal communication she made a very clear that she was available so she had a lot of eye contact with a man she do she would do this about how's that for subtle happens here gee I wonder why I ask you what your I can quite pale me that lingered I just did something that seem like it was lingering she would do it for that long and apparently that's the most effective way of doing it so you can adjust say the most obvious thing I don't fit all of her hmmm maybe by whom are you ought to Ikea hot girl in it seems like I can get where the one here career bigos products eventually maybe now you know what I could gather more maybe with the people's eyebrow according to look at what is it on visit other genera alright so smiley I contact to appear to be universal methods amused by men and women to convey a romantic interest so it seems obvious right but that element in that that is surprising is it doesn't matter how attractive you are if you are more attractive than then your friend if your friend is the one smiling in doing the eye contact that's the person is gonna get approached you're gonna be ignored I love how someone took this story a little personally you well I just you know even if I was more trying to work a few people's eyebrow I didn't add to CEC yours but I did not say that I was more attractive hi I'm plan on platelet so in the only part of this is that I'm a little fishy about personal I think that there's got to be some boundaries trade like you gonna miss meet some threshold at home so I if you're especially if you're a dude man you walk in your 485 powers you can you give people when God I brought you like okay you're on a roll over me like 20 year woohoo 9j okay now it's my turn 0 do all we have is so yeah I mean so this whole thing I'm like no I'm gonna smile and other than the memory getaway man museum bring you down you have to appear inviting and confident we're gonna get to the conference in just a second but before we get to that there are guidelines to touching and there's affective tone yeah I don't know the guidelines that touch OK so there's the friendly touch right and that includes the shoulder push the shoulder tap and the handshake so that means like I'm not really interested in you you're already friends out sorry then there's one deniability and thats touch around the shoulder waist touch on a4a that's my favorite I think that's probably the best and then there's the nuclear option which is but based touch I can't get enough for this story okay so personal with the house a shoulder push yeah I really what would you like also manages butcher shoulder great sure push can be affective flirting I think that their new yen boundaries but yeah I'd like if you do is watch like if I like 0 oh I see ok you in the power rather okay hussein wall who produce someone's babys in the middle of a party but hey how you doing mary K I once had a piece stroker in the in the middle overs shenanigans okay like as a mom like your be struggling visibly we will hold on as you know the strength which as you know is we're sleeping together yes McKay choose the pay structure it was crazy she only romantic type she likes the affection are sister Kate is give me a minute matthew Miller with the bass tricky but in a party that's the only time that it's stranger you can walk up to somebody is strong perfect that's why it's called the nuclear option okay alright but on the on as a sub dome touching totally works when I was single are I touch like crazy home but OK for I regret it up sorry yeah their it hot there side had no seriously like if if it was like starting to get he did in New something i order to learn is little flirty flirty actually going on her are touch that for months so quick well you know I'm in the house and I'm rearranging for are you are okay also I'm so research has shown that even a light touch on our makes a man more successful in getting a girls number thank you alright so now let's talk about what's most affective for men specifically and I think that this is actually pretty obvious what do women respond to usually social dominance well yeah you but you're usually don't know that insulator I'm do it so I when it comes to social dominance up you know you have to display it as a man as I found so interesting is what guys do to display that their dominant so for instance they don't they don't sit like this or like this they'll sit down with like both their arms out on both side chairs next to them here they never stay in one part of the room they like to move around a bit like to move around right so that's how they show that they're so later here here's some more details on what successful for many but Omega I successful men are directed and they have more brief %uh glances at their intended person woman they're engaged in greater number of space maximization movement that's what I said right now so we agree but they change their location at the bar more frequently they displayed greater amounts of non reciprocated touching to surrounding Matt Kemp oh that's interesting I miss you so our okay yeah fine so it basically what this is saying is you're showing confidence by owning the area that you're an you move around a lot so that you don't seem like a dork against the wall I am who am I gonna come up reno of course at the coop you believe me I've been there I I've supported many a wall in my life raid so know you walk around like hey how you doing then nevermind I'll find out later gone ok NP so that it seems that why what is he not interested in me I would follow his ass for a yeah I know it's amazing and another thing to take into consideration is the study that we talked about a few weeks ago and that was the study about effective dance moves right so it there's bad dancing that a guy can do which is just like kinda to stepping not doing anything interesting and then there's like the erotic dancing yeah it's resonates really well with the women and it goes back to what we're talking about now the more animated you are the more dominant you are the more confident you are women are gonna respond to that the more space you occupy that's actually been my main tool for sale sign up by a lot aspect.co.uk okay no seriously like you're saying this is my domain okay so don't fuck with me or slash fuck with me but many because I'm an alpha male and I i and I own this place