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Wazir - Official Trailer | January 8, 2016

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Commandos, to your positions. What the hell is Daanish doing there? Stop him. We don't need such an officer anymore. Throw him out. Suspend him. "To live without you" That's the difference between life and Chess, Mr. Danish. Life doesn’t give second chances, chess does. "Oh Lord" Presenting... the Omkarnath special. To ... our friendship. Drinking Russian vodka, in Russia with a Russian girl....is a totally different experience Have you ever been to Russia? No. Me neither. "Oh Lord" "Show me the way" She was murdered. When a mere pawn wages a war against the King.. ..it dies a terrible death. This is my battle, Danish..I have to fight it. Panditji, this was your battle, now it's ours. Local police, Army..and his personal security. It's a suicide mission. I want Wazir. Wazir! You'll die for sure. No harm will come to you, Panditji. I promise. A game is a game is a game. Your move!