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How to Make Slime without Borax

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a while ago I showed you how to make since I'm in the second video a show you another recipe you can use along with more things you can add to it bear been this stuff is easy to make and can be a fun project especially for kids in my first fine video I use for axe if you haven't seen it already check it out here or see the link in the About section below 4x4 works well for making some time with white and clear glue but it turns out some if you don't have access to stores which sell it liquid starch is another option here's the recipe I'm going to use to find out where you can buy liquid starch in for other alternative recipes please see the About section below first I'll show you how to make sign glow in the dark involved for one bottle white or clear clipboard and 1/4 cup of water now mix in at least one to two ounces a glow in the dark P I'm using glow in the dark fabric paint use the bottle is a spoon and stern told small mixed now at half cup of liquid starch and stir then needed until it no longer sticks to your hands to activate the paint whole this limelight for about one minute then watcher sung on the dark ok now show you how to make your slime sparkle for clear grew into involved then add food color if you want to for clear glue a little goes a long way to make purple had two drops a friend and one drop approved then add glitter ok stir together in at a half cup of liquid starch then a fourth cup of water you can then needed until it no longer sticks to your hands now I have some magical slime another fun trip to do is add wiggle eyes I bought these from Michael's craft store and there are lots of guys to choose from before you make this line glue them back to back so that the ice can be seen from both sides you may need stronger glue to keep them together once they are in the slime I used to glue gun to prepare the slime I'm using the same liquid starch recipe with one drop of green food color when the sinus are made sticker with allies into the slime now you got some weird eyeball slime you can also add some feet critters I found some reverie stretchy snakes and added them to clear sign you can usually find critters like this and toys sections and especially around Halloween time to keep it from drying out story in plastic back if it starts to dry out you can add some drops of water into the back to my senate I hope you have fun using these different ways to make sign if you have other sign ideas for alternatives feel free to share them in the comments below for more tutorials be sure to subscribe and check out my channel for the slime recipe using borax check out the tutorial on the left for more see women follow me on the links listed in the About section below