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How big?

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what's happened in forum have you ever been crossing a busy intersection like this guy and then I got hit by a fucking car had he is one lucky bastard has it that it happened to me my dumbass was stopped and been like hey wait a minute that bus didn't heal and then of course I would have gotten hit me look at that so close he's lucky but if the final destination movies have taught us anything it's that this guy's gonna die three days from now when that same bus comes crashing through his living room wall grab I happen to think break dancing is pretty cool and apparently so does this guy but his cat doesn't seem to feel the same way I mean look at is sitting there just waiting to strike wait for it wait for it now for for that video was so incredible I almost don't believe me with the hell was that kept thinking you a look breaking sound like you people are outside yeah douchebag we have pets so awesome and don't worry about the cat I'm I'm sure he landed on his feet now this last video and show you is pretty simple it's a person who doesn't drive so good a whole what's Haiti yet that car it's okay just just back out and park anywhere yeah that right there seems like a good place well how that poll you hit seems to be attached your car you know most people get out when they hit something but not you you just keep on going I admire that wealth guess that's great you get another car oh yeah that poll it's it's still there alright you made it hey you left your bumper now I know you think I'm probably gonna make some lame joke about alcoholic drivers are some lame joke about Asian drivers are some lame joke about women drivers and I'll have you know that's just Dom yeah that's almost as dumb as the alcoholic Asian woman who was driving that car I'm just saying it but you know what's not dumb the comment question of the day which aims for username sawyer Southern Bell and they said we have a question for you how big so they wanna know how big how big who how big what I don't know that's for you to decide for a bigger just a great responses in the comment section below who but thanks for watching today's absorb Eagles +3 I'm ray william johnson and I approve this message so tell me for me if you can hang out with Jesus for a day what would you do you well you to nearby yes worst Aaron more drawers Bighorn hair like are coming I had well yes