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Spooky photo proves life on Mars?

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should the is this proof up to life on mars well is certainly got people talking this image has been beamed back to earth by one of nasa's to robot Rovers McCartney trundling about the surface at the red planet the figure which many written looks like the mythical Bigfoot is pictured at the far left want the panoramic photographs taken by the Spirit rover in late 2007 course it's not the first time we call map to something snapped on mars in 1976 the Viking over 21 took this photo apparently showing a huge face on the surface at the red planet it actually turned out to be an optical illusion caused by the Sun and shadows the robots which took this latest picture have been moving around the mall since 2004 on an $820 million dollar hunt geological evidence of water to suggest an environment which may once been hospitable to life well if the hype is to be believed they may have actually found life itself