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DO YOU LOVE ME? | Yandere Simulator #1

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everybody my name is Marc Maron welcome back dear to you're on the air a simulator logging this game has been requested for a long time now and I'm sorry to get an idea why you play as a yard and a range 10 those Japanese super incest with Sam pies thankfully I don't think I have any yonder rose so I should be fine and what we're gonna be doing deserving what can I do new game wise only resume game I'm playing this before by here we go cool we're gonna play on the outlets emulated 6 p.m. deadline that the deadline from which I need to kill everybody as I when I need to declare my love to my senpai okay RK weird changed why why would I need that Whitelaw okay everyone knows that if a girl wears white panties you must be appearing in is an angel site something tells me I'm not your this seems weird is necessary to the game is pertinent information from my everyday life growth picture on a alright equipped the whole lotta nothin what else am I gonna do about this hello sempai shrine all toothbrush I stole from them by Sam brushing my teeth with this is a wonderful feeling abandons his empire do any seven villages busy on it an apple Sam by doing a better be good you didn't even bark exit is so much fun okay all idea and who when big oh wow what's in my basement what's in my basement all good but nothing I was a little concerned for a second there this is where I shock everybody might as well go to school all right here we go war po moving oh hi hello %uh good the debug build for testing this is not an official demo okay sir now's a declaration at the beginning this game is at games like only five percent done there's not much here i has gone low all is that sampai said by don't notice me notice me hello what do you do all you look at your phone cool Katie 30 kittens all by has gone the way although I do recognizes students some information what who my senators to you either OSA look DOMA being weird turn you nervion saw something about how you look at the scene you got the hair that one Japanese idle that's not a real person are you my semi but pay you holds the army to ask some usage beautiful I hear don't mine Joyce dear you're vulnerable the new neighbor your neck clear show your face what do you want from me about this for clear for sorry bader says head where is my sampai sampai me said by 3 the money while ninety John Adams song DePaul my he's so dreamy online guide shari sampai I just love the taste okay I just wanna lick your teeth is that weird probably not very like an approach them back the look at me you weirdo when no need any pictures on my son by why for you nice bias porn you look good you look great today what would your matching Aaron eyeballs I'm home I'm so nice honored look at me on the greenest you too you look so good I'm building reputation with everybody before I go on my murders rampaged don't have any exams rude %uh world with your boobs probably the right thing to say to a person but I really i'm concerned. with the hair and the big situation it's a it's is seems a little odd to me whole gaggle friends I am a normal guy I'll looking at me be Mary he looked at me you should mean we've been how much more yes salute me I guess okay much more prettier I am our venue I'm flying in all your we call on all motions I'll use a lonely here do babes Mackenzie I came to travel is you'll do apologize for insulting your moves Johri shoes me beard made them by goal here in my its empire girl well others closer the middle class that seems important things I done all may be willing to kill your victims more efficiently resulting in small-minded is little desire but at least I'm learning too bad no lunch for me %uh no I could be 100 miss simpson are guess I'm done here's my sanity PAYE signed by Bernabe mess with my sampai builds Mackenzie UK for this fame all murder you I shall murder you world hair would look great on my wall I'll tanks versus I'll the all hail I miss I'll practicing the mood for later well cleaning up the blood well know you're there you know this I can't imagine drop this as using to music let's go sweetgrass over here buzzword drug 30 doing it's a great whatever the hell name your okay I don't me these now how do I you'd be bad to have those odds I'm gonna go home now wanna go home I K go home I'm starting sweet showed fixed okay perpetual sweep mode I just wanna go home damn it how do I drop zone okay that did that did that thing stealth mode beyond the reach and stands near the school game waitress implied leave school finally sampai eggs the school John Terry chan's heart skips a beat when she sees him young dad hain leave school and watches and by walk home once you safely home young their age and returns to our own home under huge game goes to sleep and dreams and Sam Paganini she can control your dreams knows exactly what she was a dream about it all hey in all yours beautiful only give away their lives pedals mother when I see Brett a up guys Paris everybody and by standby Sathya Sai Bai dog target are judge ordered there are many owns batt e or years old pretty leg eight-years-old no this is a weird at all are you being weird although Jones girl details UK being disclosed yeah Peters soap already bill wat group like all II support nothing juice gone now very nothing at all problem and you great dude me you're welcome from limit the functionality this damn I actually is I don't know there's a point to me exceed rounded friend everybody's this year's the need to know when this games gonna be fully many fam emotional trauma and ninety do I shall send my emotions to you standing in your grass circles a I shall join for the launching each being jewish ideal a champ I noticed me cash can lessen the pain of speech do you really think I'm weird all of my homie touching a image get a sneaky Josh tree in a different view here he'll never she's affected seeing johnnie XIV doing now I'm outta here yes this secret plan was a completely shift pay no easy actually you and you doing in this endeavor lol he next gashed just ish do any everybody he's him by and in my view 40 telecoms when me ish yes me meow of him he's a hilariously old-boy she got a picture cool they'll be here in just two movies everybody huge recusing by was in Jersey in Zimbabwe will you order going to bed I don't know the deadline means like the deadline for my love to be declared to be in because if not by then then it's all going to be over who follow me homie I indeed ones old from hahahahahaha who'll YouTube BB he do I'll yeah fallow me here gerth years your dish little one will have been news hook you will them this I what K okay were all wall wall wall than all that all why all yeah me yeah homemade yeah hold on that's just her hair dye she put too much and juicy reason you weird standing boers eats jump don't get dog track of all okay to change my clothes grace and the negative carrying this it booted David in the markets nyanza all like I return with his search coming down from school a that does a little janitorial duties said restricts enough detail all over again to this time me miss now on we'll never know year year here be a yet yeah and jazz lag a rebel never through me in am G day master plan is /url unfeeling beer food me newland every new de Tourisme et Kayleigh headed here to good use at still don't know how to get the same for fractions I just wanted great why does got married Jan yeah under a John Deere the school's faculty members informed the students that a murder is taking place on goal drought the faculty instruct all students to remain at school and cooperate with the police to gets a killer ways a ride to school and begin their investigation global quit please quickly discovered course on school grounds roles and locate a weapon that abuse you for murder wait a minute no hub 0 the whole okay buddy although I didn't burn the I all I just dumping bono my hard I could be smash will be ready guidance now possible will be on your lawyer winds liza swoosh never saw her is rare worries I findings leon the the a me are