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Little Mermaid Ariel COLOR CHANGE Dolls! Mermaid Sisters Water Bath Color Changing Toy DisneyCarToys

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hurdling current we hear in today I'm going to show you t really I fam aerial prefent mean for the bathtub first I have a little mermaid figurine set which includes I love Ariel's sisters but wait there's more their tops team's colors p I can use this little mermaid prefent to change in a dark colors all I need is hot water in cold water existed a real in cold water in it thank her enough for me undertow in China her top teams from dark purple too late perform and ellen has a dark orange time its later in the morning and went home run to greet routine League Dreams tangerine it has a very dark pink almost tripled hot we have her in a more moderate net here the latent type and tina has a red touch here 13 and late morning equipment is an ocean blue 2010 you feel like complete crap a wrister has a very dark team and time Teagarden 100 he comes out with more about orange red hot I wanna has the feel poopy time and her 2010 I beautiful labor pool as you can see through the color changers are strong and former leak i think im tellin got the coolest color change from orange to green at the top and the little mermaid think that there's a cute little pink shell area him dead and is this is the best traders and little star her in depressing sprays water this is meant to be areas magical water fountain at the bottom in the fridge then there's the hot hand and the girls can spend their time and their think he trained flying even rain me benefit for dinner then swimming in cold weather they can go back into the hot terms you can get a little crowded in there is no denying me for me do did you don't have the little mermaid think that the starter actually really been to play with under on line 201 them click on a picture too much in their fine play video and don't forget to subscribe family thanks for watching have a greasy