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Un homme va faire une découverte choquante en s'approchant d'une baleine

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I'm gershon common cofounder with michael Fisch back over violence toots great will Conservancy Michael spends two months in the Sea of Cortez every winner photographing Blue Fin back and humpback whales to help track these magnificent animals across our oceans while observing the complex behaviors in the wild on Valentine's Day in 2011 Michael his family in a few friends were presented with a rare opportunity a chance to save the life for the humpback whale their efforts were captured on film here's their incredible story a definite videos much this I this we on Valentine's day while plying the waters at the Sea of Cortez I came upon a young humpback whale that appeared to be dead we floated next to the whale for several minutes but we saw no signs of life suddenly the whale rose slightly in the water and forcefully exhale rise I decided to ease into the water with my snorkeling gear in order to assess the situation year I quickly discovered the whale was severely entangled in the gillnet the type to use by local fishermen as I swam alongside the animal are eyes met there were no words we could share but I wanted to let the will know that we were there to help it took some effort to stay focused given rate motion at the moment the site this large and beautiful creature trapped in so close to death was almost overwhelming and I must admit I was a bit scared because I knew the will was frightened in 30 but could still kill me with one panicked movement the situation was indeed bleak the tail was entangled in so much gear it was weighted down a full 15 feet below the surface both pectoral fins were him to the side its body and the nylon gill net min all the way up the wheels back lowered up the dorsal fin all in I'm little yeah a break it out I got is I got it dorsal fin reacted patrick is back at his cloak Search Group I made a bid headway put it seem to break a task so I went back aboard two radio for we were told that perhaps in an hour or someone else would arrive and we all knew that by then it might be too late while I was working around the pectoral fin by both the extra virgin when I have managed to get some other than that polled over the side of our ponga I came back aboard and withholding cut the Nets fast as we could we were maneuvering the boat in the proper position with the paddle and only had one small knife but after great effort managed to free one of the pectoral fins in he knows what feel like doing gotta be able to breathe to oh no he's right here up in sense in a spark of freedom the young whale started to swim taking us on a Nantucket sleigh ride through the sea of cortez for about a half a mile yeah on taken for a ride well I hope about lecture the whale eventually tired came back up right underneath us you thinkin about we continued to grab more and more net hall and cut Hall uncut and after nearly a half hour the other pectoral fin que mostly free well hoop and when the whale tired we began cutting the net of the powerful tail fluke them them on Skype got the Cougars upside down lol grilling trying to now wake up gratified I a helping hand camp I yeah I am I gotta got up iPad let her go along with it finally after about an hour exhausting work we decided we had another nada bored to make the final cut we were hoping the nothing that was of the flu to free her called way of whitewater ok of gold in by all all wild golf group yeah name lol Yahoo wah fun yeah hall and I said nah up think she slowly swam away but about 500 feet from our bocce reached hi into the year I cleared all the net from underneath the boat and we headed off 5 tired but exhilarating people the boat-building nylon bad you know like yeah a yeah yeah okay for the next hour she provided us with an incredible full surface display we saw at least 40 breaches as well as hell lobs hell slaps and packed world in slabs I all we all believed it was at least a show of pure joy if not thanks I hurt what is she doing a show to yeah he said thank you the thing okay I'm we followed her for about four miles over the next hour and said goodbye needless to say we were all proud and thrilled that we see this fantastic young life it was an incredible experience that none of us will ever forget yeah I got a little bit overnight did you get a little I D and I'm gonna get a break up we're at war Michael in iMovie alright get a break the great we'll Conservancy was launched in 2010 to advocate for the great whales they need our help and protection to survive to learn more about our current efforts and find out how we can work together please call or email us and visit the Great Wheel Conservancy website