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Strangers, again

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we just now you think I'm stupid you know I don't think there is a you don't say it but I know your thinking look or something right now this whole thing is stupid me C wats is who cares for one group YouTube really knowing your mad yeah you think I'm annoying you this isn't even about us this is about your core Ghislain poly that you feel obligated to go to you because she has no friends if we go out that counts we offer still hope four hours it is about as it's about you not understanding what's important to me evening homemade potato salad and playing Scrabble tournament is important to you that's what I just said your stupid your I'm going to let that one go can you just tell me we can leave early enough trees Joss you tell me Gooch I'm sorry I fired up can you just decide and I'll do whatever no choice at this time I can't tell you what to do because you're just going to use it against me later saying I always do what you say no made his will was my fault is no reason for this you're right there's no reason for this it was always like this k remember when I wasn't but I know for sure we weren't always like this shoes to be my unicorn you know unbelievable crazy special grow I thought could never exists but as time went on from one stage a relationship to the next the path that started off so innocent fun has taken us to back but like most the start of a stranger's at stage 1 meeting thanks to issue a sexually excuse me season issue mister how things about when Watson well aka never been a better even if I tried protagonist city had fixer part roles in five years headline I didn't tell her that it was my first time running at about nine months and somehow we ended up going from post five miles that day of its opportunity to see our guys will do just about anything for the right but it paid off because I got a number done one we really hit it off that day I think so at least I blacked out for a few minutes but when I woke up I remember feeling like I'm a pretty good impression from that point on reddit stage 2 the chase some says the best part all I wanna was to know more about her all I want to do was hang out with ready 0 the not the only person I wanted to talk to was her themes she was the number one card what the hell man hands and every time I saw her I'll wavy butterflies means Louis she was everything I thought to be perfect in a group as soon as a far-right which may come from yes with this simple word will begin a relationship retaking this stage 3 shouldn't act go fear everyone calls and for good reason was the time when we could finally fully express affection for each other and do all the things we want to do is come was a dream come true the go I wanted to be with Sony's soul bad was finally but eventually the fire both a simmer down back to normalcy home the baghdad by the end of it all just we had for Julia pictures with each other new every detail over daily lives Cambridge in like any normal healthy couple we entered stage for good comfortable my friend Leone do tonight is the PlayBook on them where every state now being comfortable isn't necessarily bad it's when we could truly be ourselves but it depends on what you do with a comfort some use a positively continuing to work at their relationship in grow together bird others allow it to create distance and former Sen I made us take each other for granted release 20 much just oh yeah I totally forgot constable illegally this whole thing was your idea I I know I just gonna have other things to do I'm weeks I nothing ever a car back asleep what's up whether it's take each other for granted people changing over time bottom line is someone stops trying feelings on a strong as before this could happen over a few months or few years for us was about one and half years when we stage 5 tolerance one reason I got to the stage a complete industry to spoil somehow ago I was so crazy about a year ago turn into someone who dis wasn't that special anymore happened so gradually that I didn't see coming but everywhere just tolerating each other story and asked me about my day so my coworkers are trying to get me to quit where you want to eat tonight where you wanna go can you just decide I asked you and I being flexible you pick you get a five year also nice tell you what to do normally I'd let that go but I'm having a bad day too so what you just say arguing is one thing feeling dissatisfied unhappy with the relationship is another we tried various times to try make changes to fix things like so many couples out there it wasn't enough became one of those relationships where it wasn't bad but it was great let me tell you that's never good way to describe the relationship of streak wasn't long before we were in states 6 down-home there's not much time left once your the effort to try to make things work just isn't worth it anymore problems continue are you in stock assault I'm really remember we argue about I can't talk to you right now you why would you just exactly that well how do you with did we argue about reason I sad to say are nearing the end of the stage what's next is what happens to everyone at some point and if the line worst state ever breaking and I don't know when it'll happen or how but I hope we can leave it on good mutual terms if that's ever truly possible think it's for the best for this when the two of us will start a new pack when that leads right back to where we started strangers the change will be so drastic so blunt there will probably want to get back together right away just restore what's going on a versa an issue future but this doesn't always happen and the distance will grow and eventually the two of us will move on or find someone new oh my god saw of what top so who is that who she with something that is sorry man and even when we both get over the past and try to remain friends things when everything's shots here warmer serve hey girl you to you still run around here well when I visit home yeah visit yeah I moved at San Francisco couple months ago I'm just here to show my boyfriend the party cool now using F dice this is Alex alley just I all him as we speak well we should catch up sometime outside the lake to allies will continue on in different directions 29 to blend becoming strangers again and everything we sure will just become fragmented memories from so long ago a question if it even really happened and all that will be left is this box random stuff from a fatal period of time when the stranger was the most important person in my life machine this is to remind you how hard you felt very mean little you first met Josh I'm so glad we have each other in their lives you know that no matter what will always be get through it and will always have its marketing happy anniversary up what are you doing sorry sorry I I mean I mean I I'm sorry versa it's just this is the polygon analyzed a certificate its its whatever no no it's not whatever it's important to us not let me not the parlor just this this is a pointless sent to me butts not do that anymore stuff yeah okay homes aside and assist with a view yeah and and in me it to realize useful two options for featured here see their you break up for became a the early though the think with me. she's that's a loaded question why you wanna get married to me I'm me neither you on break up with me course not all gonna be one and the other what do you think will happen if we don't end up together when he today people keep in touch I think if life separates us removing wholly different places always remember when a past life this period and I'll be thankful for that hope that where you are with people too I think this this week in there the the