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Fairy Tail Opening 15 + Subs CC

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Chasing a dream, you've gotten lost deep in the forest of your heart A clear spring, clearer than a mirror, reflects a distorted smile Those rolling tears (Don't Cry) are neither gold nor silver Those ordinary tears (Fall From My Eyes), even go unnoticed by the goddess Chashing chasing a prophetic dream Surpass your own personal best even more Chasing chasing the present Become that picture of yourself and let the fire in your heart burn Race through it, hero Let the fire in your heart burn As I chase my dream, I got lost deep in the forest of my heart. Rather than mirrors, it's the clear spring, that reflected a warped smile. These tears that I have shed (Don't Cry), gold or silver they won't be. Those commonly seen tears (Fall From My Eyes), goddess won't even notice them. True Dream Chasing, Chasing, Surpassing the greatest I've ever been even more. The instant Chasing Chasing, That's who I'll become, a person I've described, the flame that burns in one's heart! The Hero who run past through that! The flame that burns in one's heart