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"IT BEGINS!" - BURIED Zombies w/ Ali-A #1 - (Black Ops 2 Zombies Gameplay)

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photos welcome i think that may be a flame bagfilms mentions of god using synthetic meant so much stuff please except for myself and one let's jump into this case i'd let's do this festivities this gem state that he had his job at very low and uh... the ground-based and again easy easy easy thousand point to get out the points each time you drove west of the war started that is one of many states this map this so much stuff to do and grant it does take awhile to head around a cop just want to get around it is for some sort mister with is that reads or get you out there article in the white at the techies name using the word by both of you has a tactical like officials official name start on stick with the likes of artist grab the food is imminent get now and if it is you can feed of course destroy these barriers yes i would stop by around one balance on the trying to squeak is possible for you guys is to get through it cared about guys well pat thank you very much alive day the festivities the points i had eighties go this way the uh... we've hit because it's really a straight to the bank you take out three thousand points you can put points being by the bosnian that and for a tab round one books packed revive three freidy lawyer and we've got three thousand points on the body for went up by a t_v_ self-abuse and technically it's a free weapon which is awesome because what happens is is is it a capture or and uh... you place it down yet that's important sandip t_w_ for example costs about supports us pretty much a free weapons history's verdict on his we couldn't get out the points and then we're going to buy the left the store for you left which is also next thing to do it the studio thing to stop the light and is ten on the power hands we made him get germinal once they are we going and then to do college of this wek but because i haven't taken apple play it little bit but we never layout i think this is one of the easy maps to fully understand the layouts and is there's a few cool buildings is a list of learned destruct important thank you disillusioned and those key layouts and you should get together some meaning that this way jump over here what capital holiday deliver food and now he's going to the monthly consisted of painful downside uh... that makes it easier to have this room here because this route is going to have using it and behind dot at that point edu carbide is among because dispute it is another one fat enough i'll take that no we are usually form for a car and i thought that whatever i don't take it it's now since we've got through the mid torino italy where the big d overhead gonna get talked about one typically stuff up because we have done like in a few minutes allot not which is sweet so let's get this guy everywhere this guy get slipshod baga support from hands i want to do is put this map isn't like a massive deal when it comes to points i think and it's very easy to set up and get all the points and you can we seize the banks makes you think you bounced back an and ban given that let me go quite a forceful chuckle so that's going to this guy i'll finds went around the scoop is this the and actually i did he actually bashes the values and you get points a bachelor of arts like just suddenly police for so many things that's sweet band so yet granted a start indonesian batik shirts and go back a straight you get a refund if he was he placed around the map an estimate based on our side get rid of these guys to stop by for the right stuff i think it is a recent sony's maplin genuinely love it it's gonna get hit up and if you don't have to get an ngo thinks about public outsmart not cries grafting is complete at the top spot that was the weapons to separate the dismantling co and this is one of them some outside double wishes it's own starr's office noise that he got around to be done and dusted i've got my cell technique as well for him it's not like the activities and i want to destroy a few more barriers if the any kind of abuse called his popped up that's awesome it's going to get this and i'll get you exist dot when safety comes this way guesses on the phone around us that god has given the various should be a good line up but in humans yes good stuff you can make the catholic he didn't appear to make sure that turned his back is facing what you want him to go inside that's the best thing to do i see in the distance matrices something to hide in the shadows point but on the exegesis get picked the wrong time sorry whereas therefore stalking him insecure about something anymore that night i got it where's everyone earlier thankful now let's see if it was quite who's not in a car you could find that first one and then you get to go tools that make you would be so much of a lot whatever it is bad but wanted to go to actually and triggered decimal points the c_ dot really quickly this gives another grand in the pocket services really quickly the again that we need it dot it's just useful yet so what is basic reports i think about it what he really wants to he could stop and and start a snack just cycle through picking up for the short weapons and if you were the money to the bank and then dying and aaron when we come back to you have to some of the money in the bank you wanted side dot the banks pretty easy to fill out to be honest with you david others were useful sites dominik was used to cost a lot money joshua would probably take them off at some point cost six thousand so it's impolitic cheap bob definitely wasn't this is a strong interest in any way article and let's get back i want to come out uneasiness politics pretty traffic to your own it's not so we can even though we've had some on celebrations on these two suspects imagery quote my liking i seem to be rounded started let's concede glad this is a slow news it's going to have that no steppenwolf is that if you go pacific is only one yourself screens inside us why slapstick disagrees just that night with the frick is a viable we missed it where is the proves that our dues dum dum da better guide but it makes it usko believe acog and now we can go and get the new pack boat race if they can say connect that's really did like just did little things because of a new bits of amarillo bits of points and but you can stand in the greenest freeware appear on the way things on these i'll show you with us this just over that economic getting here with and the biggest now you can also get the coast guard the house which is pretty scary place in the light congress a word of techniques getting there without using the relief make sure you want to line up that's going to map now you can actually get over that i'll tell you it's great that you can jump up on him improper man vanguard provide only goes on without documents now i didn't miss it let's go and pick up on their own pocket and boot but on the way mate well on the way it's going to go up three thousand to sudan okay cool up that he's not uh... question mark so thats you thought about that for the misunderstanding because it apart by your pocketbook less degrees you know you standing in it didn't get a little bit all money not by much too and it gets a mammogram free but it's not that bad it's counties from unless let me show you guys might technique this place he needs torching unless you have the power lines and i don't have a monthly problem place agreed with him on the line so you would have to use a spoon yet is justified that plus five since it doesn't disqualifies skyrocket spare around this way not like the killer left of the math mitchell at mississippi and hit him disgraceful when you get a really nicely going on does run through killed about and so does decide na and and and and and and and unknown bad film based didn't say that you do not yet private issues weapon system actually cause a lot more facts website the fruit no i self-appointed like to say duchy of yours nicest exhausting day that's why does the smell that's why you runs away from the pack at his feet so most of the proper good case no for about five minutes and so on jackson issue nothing he goes back to diesel cajuns it's really annoying side who yes but the look that's great and not for you thank you as we'd like to see all these conductors nice and sweet potatoes rate amount to have to think that frickin periods they pay whatever i don't think that the reagan articulate like it another issue not downside uh... uh... okay true ajit dot on the wrong thing again knickerbocker today trying to my little technique i've got to get whacked in the last six days of school see if it works ways speak let alone it's not bad okay cool were destroyed and invited to a source of because these these foods are definitely not cigar and stay away from self foreign-made job this way and then regard him a credit card they're a little leukipoli did leave avante garde on head office and relays kaise funny timing desperation hale disproved she down that far i don't do that quite yet because let's do that we supported in the map and spend to keep you in this can be more sporting side a delegate davis one in particular because but nowhere near like she's replaced now do you want to cat food including some of these then your it often let the fun begins at a place like that place a lot of points out and it's brian and power look at that make you look at all what doctor basically said that it was it smoothly there's a maximum of cinema class that freedom youthful every carrier and sling nice a guy who left as well forty best to go in debt and speaker announcements site that's useful when they can go through that's a sweet shop but the critical of george that george so on and i physical fitness destroyed that mechanic of stares from head to leave the stairs kind of the reason spiegel trolled i think that int remax get the victory see fit up their notice in other waking up that but the fact that may be the best way doing exactly what she needs address you want the fact that for another reason for that but being v what's what's that shorting trolls patrol right note about me that tries to come in here but in the bill would fit within the ball avoid a video and this is a nice these estimates uh... despot wont company ones on the left side iseries no one is trying to steam because olufsen is definitely a confidence in that president clinton signs only everyone's nice not to dot of seconds on the coming through that a nasty broke i think the parties may get coupons because it's a novelty stress or whatever again thank you uso sand and pretend it doesn't need to be side and that's part bag that you've ever story for cooperating love the fact that they don't want to say well young boys that's gone tries i've got a half a week or more yet paul added thank you and then trample ccp useful for a few reasons of the final thoughts did norse now the only one carrying things get started on the map the big guys someone that we can make in doing something about also make sure this was one of the skills are advocate as the reason i wanted a second all might angle so screwed up uh... i do not want too but you're not on the court yet so study guides thank you and now work ahead on try to work out how to stay here in normandy just like to do it myself blessedly free all week and this is the door up a m a fraternity olive still piney travel seems we definitely lost internet if you haven't take a step back and perhaps that's true uh... who are not the h develop a nice i think that degree in fashion is a time to practice was adopted by tonight and then what means do grab this are they display instead but what i thought to pick you up or anything stuff i made it look your money or not or not marceca gravity uh... and again thank you i report to cash in and i don't usually quite yet they were doing things their own that all around them is this the city of set up a tribunal to see how it works so then chrysler than i want it something i could get costs that about the flipping things and that will fit me psychoanalysts dot com controls electrical group are destroying everything techniques popular enough the p_h_d_ felt before here and it goes for ninety four dash md thing for the test speaker dot allowed to make i'll love you that says status party rolling sea by the rules technique works in the contents of mentioned some point as well said topped up guys come join the party recap is on this morning and sons is coming inside negatives point because there's a lot of his own business like he was a cut you off sanitize on these knock it over tonight still can help you one guy that even up you know what you think today much of the guys for noon for that loo all but over that we don't need that will not like maybe i need that would it would be skies misquoted freedom like that and then we can try fattening luxembourg weird i want to go the tramp was the injured at this way all use you 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