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Mystery of Prince Rupert's Drop at 130,000 fps - Smarter Every Day 86

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it's a test of time it's mari day-to-day really awesome sight with orbit last year lookout mountain alabama double up science is about to happen readies a high speed camera and about prince rupert drop it's never acts okay we're inside the cell with cal calories the place commission now to make a pressure for struck homeowner the actor calls them this is what your work edvel that's really the mechanical problems would actually get this thing with a hammer him over it forgetting calstart keynesian so i'm they deliver it historians write you know it is time to make it really hard time of our allies was near the town of oh do so do you think you actually predict how the kids be diverted driven out of hand that i'd be and is that the driver of but candidly it wasn't for him in the brain people's was expediency that is the way we know the details and makes him this mystery in the grass roots medium-sized working here republic but he can't behaving the handle entire being launched word not shadow actually spoiled let's go outside apparently just reading that scene frame rate here we have this then and the sixteen ten so glass breaking occurs so fast that you have to have like hundreds of thousands of frames per second so we have a lower resolution forget that a lot of light as well for us attorneys this mayor of ricky rector about three thousand french for second certain the wide shots the devils and as well now we understand what the prince rupert dot at this point we don't quite understand why it doesn't let's take a closer look rediscover polaris co and baseball is a safe filtered peaceable assets polarized i had another filter here you can see if i can it then i can walk out about that this on the camera that there looking through here let's its he should be able to see the internal stresses built-up inside the interpret sort of understand how he stresses got careless use the color greater represent nice and strong soften collapse wees red represent multiple ass because of the most pension coefficient is safe to assume that the higher the temperature toolbar judas class wants to be blue represents class at school and offer transition between the two states because that same thermal expansion coefficient this class is shrinking in basically pulling in on itself because the prince rupert struck his acquittal infinitesimal he's glass with each piece trying to interact with the pieces around it when the molten glass is first ripped into the water the outside lawyer touches the water in immediately solidifies this locks in that outside shape of the truck instead of the drug however still extensively essence transferred to the water placement inside slowly begins to cool down and pulls in against that outside layer the problem is that because it's already locked in as around solid it only compresses tighter against self the sex that makes it stronger college counterparts compresses and each army persuade own it only this is an alterations because the cool glass can't move that outside layer it begins to pull against itself causing it to be an extremely high tension it it hardens in the state of tension and there you have it prince rupert strap yes i was an extremely high compressive stress any insight is an extremely high tensile stress if one link in the stitching chain is ever cut it breaks on down the line feeding off of its own stored up in her g just like a chemical explosive does the difference here is that instead of releasing chemical potential energy mechanical strain the energy is released this way that it is what we call the feel your from speaking directly measured the blasted that their product as long as you have a camera fast enough let's give a shout at a higher in thirty thousand frames per second the so the next decade offer orbit last because if they didn't want to see for about bites that people don't know it where i put it and uh... digitalis website quickly can subscribe the helmet toolset daycare never cocktail fire that he wants on these things are named for a guy named please revert imagine that you live in the bay area back in the sixteen hundreds have been he brought these over as a get the king charles the second england gave into his royal society try to figure out always upset really no good dash produce