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Cloud's Buster Sword (Final Fantasy VII) - MAN AT ARMS

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had been a blacksmith armor for over 30 years I've created weapons for over two hundred feature films this Matadors home the Buster Sword is absolutely we don't give us the plate is six feet long 12 inches wide doing it cutting it your play the 1075 Springfield they'll be inserting waiting riveted to know this is a plea a 6061 aluminum that would be milled out shakespeare the small beer after beer and a bronze brought to technique called facing written phase yeah little with LIBOR just a simple little sore I by got a piece 3/8 one-inch thick 70 75 aircraft at six feet by 12 inches chopped off I'll one and if it's given the triangular tips abrupt villain week on William the older is a retired I found remember she knows had to bill machine a slot for me for the next wifi up over an inch and a half eclipse is that a outside the place we have a bolster or killed that's made out of one-inch thick aluminum with milled the 3/8 manage slot 3 inches deep into it this is sort is so ridiculous it just needs a longer handle we haven't eighteen-inch more careful on those made out of towering plastic put a rough you get a bronze forged out to be a formal Farrell Prinsloo 3 you're not supposed to be able to forge casting its but the we have time to care final lost wax casting so strong wats imported will fall malval gonna take a smaller truck thing yet important as well a2 for the caller that we use the for the heavens I had my assistant Brian turning the bronze payroll and Pall Mall on the laser and then I took the rock turn pieces to belt grinder true them up again use the stock rate fell you refined took the vice of the vertical milling machine unclamps peachy the aluminum up there use the ball in bill to million decorative lines on way 302 he treat a six foot length eighth inch thick by 3-inch wide 1075 steel grind it out you razor-sharp edge set that into the mail slot on the after the blade and riveted due to the size of the Buster Sword I could bring it over to the bill for the drill press was fully assembled so we had to use a portable drill for 232 roles trying to hamper of that's all block a home after we had the whole Buster Sword assembled we hit it with the chemical to darken the aluminum to patina get into a dark steel parents I'm a pretty strong guy but just during the past is stored out of my workshop pretty much wrecked my back to normal the thing probably wait 75 pounds this is gonna be one of the most ridiculous huge soared place I've ever made a pretty please without came out I don't think I want to do another 15 to I can to mark this is my baby book that yeah this one to no paper no by thanks for watching bennett arms be sure to subscribe tell me in the comments what weapon you'd like to see next