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firm %uh his brain is so annoying you're so annoying yeah well I hope it ends soon I hope the UN's soon a home getting soaked you're getting so and the ugly as well as ever ready or sends a few min never ceases to amaze me with an insult you figure it out there's go finally after many years I return now it's time when now wasn't so d the the the the the the the I'm well the Venice Film in my kitchen if you lose mine summer time I go home Lana literally went to the place up someone else further hey guys do you see you soon after the guide on how the way world yeah well that is sinister and away men that I kinda like head with a bid don't be silly me.com can grow a beard I'm a disorder there's no way he could be me or you no there is an a way maybe I am you from farrah year 2009 diet cola out water the drug move the glow of this several years I really love the open one choice I have to travel into the past to cue my process ok to spare me from such a grim future but that didn't look very futuristic by runs 1 well well I wanted my chicken extra crash Bang this changes not a got excuse me I have extremely important business to attend to and it card City maximum good oh no a giant major help me super kite nothing to fear with my powers I can stop anything in the world just as long as it relates go well good grab we need unless get out of here up %ah way hurt ok baby I've missed you what passbook nope medicine nope price for them nope hi my lucky can what what with Matt come on we have to go okay I'm on my way sorry guys you'll be in my heart II no right time for operation make escape for open access enter berkeley will local will a head hurry guys so does the pastor for you the tacos for you and for you whatever you want sweetie a out just government I write it would anyone like any drinks I'll just have one to yep in a minute to go on the company's world so why exactly all running away from this guy if you want to go ahead hey well without any would just be mean you'll welllll now would suck as a wells notice is like the most I've ever spoken a head tits highly popular pizza box but but but blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah what made you think your future so could not know words posso could be hiding what then how come it took you so long to find a shot up now prepared to die wat how we know you actually at from the future well unlucky can add iron exactly how he thought not on Alan Alan Alan Alan Alan Alan at work n shove normal Ala Ala Ala Ala Ala he's rights now that thou to the way prepared to job I but but we will what will it make some kinda paradox or something don't be stupid that kinda thing only happens in the movies movies movie love him Prasad welp this gonna vote love not them this did me hard in my fourth looks like on the thumb reinforcements on and excuse me but you know it old white guy he built his arm how r whoops looks like on the shoulder this I harp help me no I would not but the me know timelines and paradoxes and stuff on meanwhile haha go the her it's a good job ready to the second time tell device now we just have to stop in for a mess anything up in the future all well he's a dead man acted so when should we start looking I'm not sure but I hope it's possible has enough sense to hide somewhere hahaa I'm distracted hook is buying this stuff he year which probably get back to the cars now wat r and the time finished one simply my army love me eased it didn't sir ed EDIUS and a DQ so now there's no escape a check my bro over p for your desired route how can this plan get any worse stop right there but old go I'm up aldrin pay a why the I think remember that lays YouTube to the face %uh yeah cancer anyway ed we had to stop you we destroy the future feel selfish needs no I will go back will go back to the beach tho to free future they love a home the got now that's just a test after dragged just backstory trailer the old day you today we have the pleasure of speaking to the well-known creator of a founder and King a pretty much everything in existence since the dawn of man known simply as Mac tell us not how did you come up with the idea of creating a bowling everything in existence well it all started when I got my hands on Annina invented my own time machine anyway three matches winning time I E hate love match the